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Hi! I'm Grace. I'm a 100% human British Female Voice Actor with a neutral native English accent.

My first foray into voice acting was me, aged 8, sitting in my bedroom, recording my favourite books onto cassette. Here's a recording I made a very long time ago...

Thankfully, I now have a purpose-built space to record and edit my voiceovers. Every piece of audio you hear on my website was recorded using professional equipment in my home studio: I use a Rode NT-1 Microphone and a Focusrite Solo Interface. Pro-Tools is my DAW of choice.

At university, while studying Post-Production with Sound Design, I worked in the sound department on several successful short films - I understand what it takes to make your audio sound fantastic.

Breathing life into a character has been something I have enjoyed throughout my whole life. I bring a balanced skillset of audio production and creativity to the table, in addition to 8 years in the live audio broadcasting world. 

It was in 2021 I began my voice acting journey - and as they say, the rest is history!

I take great pride in utilizing my skills across acting and performance, combined with high quality audio production to make an awesome voiceover. I can deliver MP3 and WAV audio files to you, across a range of commercials, e-learning, explainer videos, animation, audiobooks and gaming.

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