About Andria

Hi, I'm Andria, a Meisner-trained voice actor with a passion for bringing textured and nuanced performances to life. With a deep understanding of the Meisner technique and years of experience in the industry, I bring a unique approach to my work that sets me apart from other voice actors.

My training has taught me to truly connect with the emotions and intentions of a script, allowing me to create fully realized characters with a depth and authenticity that audiences can feel. I understand the importance of listening and responding to my scene partners, and I approach every project with a commitment to staying present and in the moment.

Whether you need a soft and intimate voice for a heartfelt commercial, a dynamic and engaging voice for an animated series, or anything in between, I'm ready to bring my skills and expertise to your project. I'm comfortable with a wide range of genres and styles, and I'm always eager to explore new creative challenges.

What I love most about voice acting is the ability to transport listeners to another world and make them feel something. It's a powerful and rewarding experience, and I'm grateful for every opportunity to collaborate with other artists and bring their vision to life.

If you're looking for a Meisner-trained textured voice actor who can bring a unique and authentic voice to your project, I'd love to hear from you. Let's create something truly special together.