Jodi McLain: Female Voice Actor, Bringing Your Voice to Life

Jodi McLain Voiceovers is a professional voiceover service that provides versatile and reliable voiceovers for TV, web, radio, documentaries, eLearning, and more. With a warm, motherly, trustworthy, and articulate voice, Jodi can bring your voice to life.


Hi, I'm Jodi McLain, a professionally trained voice actor. I have a wide range of vocal styles and I'm able to assess your needs quickly and accurately. I'm available to hire for TV, web and radio commercials, documentaries and TV narration, eLearning and corporate voice overs, explainers, medical and technical training, and telephony/IVR. My voice is warm, motherly, trustworthy, professional, corporate, soothing, snarky, appealing, articulate, affectionate, appreciative, charming, cheerful, dictatorial, encouraging, elated, fast-pitched, forgiving, informal, inquisitive, irreverent, joyful, matter of fact, melodic, mocking, nostalgic, optimistic, remorseful, sentimental, sincere, softly spoken, and unbiased.

I specialize in animation, announcements, audiobooks, automated dialogue replacement, biography, character, commercial, corporate, dialogue, documentary, dubbing, eLearning, infomercials, internet/web, kids, medical narration, technical narration, pharmaceuticals, podcasts, political spots, promo & trailers, promotional, PSA's, telephony/IVR, tours, and video games. If you would like me to record a customer voice over sample of your project, please contact me directly. I look forward to bringing your voice to life!