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VO Site Builder Lite: Choosing Your Website Template

When creating your voice actor website with the VO Site Builder Lite, the first step after selecting the site builder you are going to use (Lite vs Pro) is to select a template. This choice sets the foundation for your site's layout and functionality.

Steps to Select Your Template:

  1. Navigate to the Template Selection Page: From your dashboard menu, select Site Builder > Template. 
  2. Toggle Between Single and Dual Voice Actor Templates: At the top of the page, you'll find a toggle to switch between templates for single voice actors and templates designed for two voice talents.
  3. Preview Templates: Browse through the thumbnail previews of each template. Take your time to consider how each layout is structured. Click the "Preview" button to see a larger version. The colors and fonts will be chosen on the next screen. 
  4. Select a Template: Click on the "Select" box above the template you would like to choose. Remember, you can change your template later if needed.
  5. Customize Your Template: After selecting a template, click "Save & Continue". You'll move on to customizing your colors and fonts in the next step, making your website aesthetic truly yours.

Note: You can come back to this screen and change your template at any time. 

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