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Voice Over Genres

Voice over is a versatile industry that encompasses numerous genres, each catering to a specific type of content or audience. Here is a comprehensive list of voice over genres:

  • ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) or dubbing: Replacing original dialogue in movies or television shows with a new voice, often for foreign language localization or re-recording poor audio quality.
  • Animation: Character voices, narration, and dialogue for animated films, television shows, and web series.
  • Anime: Anime is a distinct form of animation that originated in Japan but has since gained international acclaim.
  • Audiobooks: Narration of fiction and non-fiction books in various genres, including literature, biographies, self-help, and educational texts.
  • Audio Description: Provides additional descriptive information for individuals with visual impairments.
  • Automotive: Narration for car commercials, product demonstrations, and technical explanations for vehicles and related products.
  • Brand Anthem: The Brand Anthem is a narrative story that speaks to the mission and ethos of a brand.
  • Commercial: Advertisements for television, radio, or digital platforms.
  • Children's Content: Narration and character voices for children's audiobooks, animated content, educational materials, and toys.
  • Corporate Identity and Brand Film: These videos are created to showcase a company's values, goals, products, and services to potential customers and investors.
  • Corporate Narration: Business presentations, training videos, product demonstrations, and explainer videos.
  • Documentary: Voice overs for documentaries, historical content, and factual programming.
  • E-Learning: Educational materials, online courses, tutorials, and interactive learning experiences.
  • GPS Navigation: Voice guidance for GPS devices and mobile navigation apps.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Voice overs for automated systems that provide information or assistance over the phone.
  • On-hold messaging: Telephone prompts, voicemail greetings, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and on-hold messages for businesses.
  • Legal Narration: Voice overs for legal presentations, depositions, and educational materials related to law and legal practice.
  • Medical Narration: Medical and pharmaceutical presentations, training materials, and patient education content.
  • Podcasts: Hosts or guest voices for various podcast genres, including interviews, storytelling, news, and entertainment.
  • Political: Campaign advertisements, promotional materials, and public service announcements for politicians or political organizations.
  • Promos: Voice overs for television show promotions, movie trailers and teaser videos.
  • Public Address (PA) Announcements: Live event announcements, sports commentaries, and transportation announcements (airports, train stations, etc.).
  • Radio Imaging: Station identification, jingles, and promos for radio broadcasts.
  • Spiritual and Self-help: Guided meditation, relaxation, and self-improvement content.
  • Trailers: Voice overs for movie trailers, this includes key elements of the storyline, introduces characters, or presents critical reviews.
  • Video Games: Character voices, in-game narration, and dialogue for video games and apps.

This list covers many of the genres found in the voice over industry; however, it is essential to note that new genres and sub-genres continue to emerge as technology and the media landscape evolve.

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