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Movie Trailer Voice Over

By Joe Davis. Published May 29, 2023. Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023.
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The Power of Movie Trailer Voice Overs: Capturing Audiences, Creating Anticipation

In the realm of cinema, the movie trailer is an essential tool to captivate audiences and generate buzz around upcoming releases. The voice over within these previews often carries as much weight as the visual spectacle unfolding on screen. This page explores the fascinating world of movie trailer voice overs, their importance, and the different types that have dominated the industry over the years.

Understanding Movie Trailer Voice Overs

A movie trailer voice over is a specialized form of voice over acting that introduces audiences to forthcoming films. It delivers critical information about the movie, provides context, and ultimately serves to ignite interest and anticipation. The voice over artist often sets the tone for the movie, inviting audiences to explore new worlds, encounter compelling characters, and embark on thrilling adventures.

The Impact of Movie Trailer Voice Overs

In the landscape of film marketing, movie trailer voice overs hold immense significance:

  • Creating Anticipation: A well-delivered voice over can make the difference between a trailer that fades into obscurity and one that captivates viewers, leaving them eagerly awaiting the movie's release.

  • Setting the Tone: The voice over often establishes the film's atmosphere - be it suspenseful, romantic, comedic, or action-packed.

  • Narrative Building: The voice over can provide vital background information, hint at the plot, and introduce characters, contributing to the narrative buildup of the trailer.

Types of Movie Trailer Voice Overs

There are different types of movie trailer voice overs, each serving a unique purpose and style:

  • Classic "In a World" Style: Made famous by voice actor Don LaFontaine, this style is characterized by a deep, gravely, dramatic tone that promises an epic cinematic experience. The phrase "In a world..." has become iconic, often used to introduce an unfamiliar or fantastical setting.

  • Character Narration: Sometimes, a character from the film, or an actor synonymous with the franchise, provides the voice over for the trailer, offering unique insight or building an intimate connection with the audience.

  • Third Person Omniscient: This voice over style is detached, yet all-knowing, providing an overview of the film's plot or thematic elements without revealing too much detail.

  • Documentary Style: Mostly used in trailers for documentaries or biopics, this style prioritizes factual information, detailing real-life events or subjects in a compelling manner.

  • Teaser Voice Overs: These voice overs are brief and cryptic, providing only the most minimal plot hints to intrigue audiences without giving away significant details.

Movie trailer voice overs have shaped the art of cinematic promotion for decades. They play a crucial role in generating excitement and curiosity for upcoming films, contributing to the cinematic atmosphere and offering tantalizing hints of the story to unfold. The various styles of voice overs each add a unique dimension to the trailer, illustrating the versatile nature of this specialized voice acting field.

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