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Current Trends in Commercial Voiceover

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
The commercial voiceover sector is undergoing significant evolution, driven by rapid technological innovation and changing consumer expectations. Voice actors must keep pace with these developments to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. The latest trends in commercial voiceover are always g....

The Future of Commercial Voiceover

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
Voiceover work has always been a dynamic industry, with trends coming and going and technology always pushing boundaries. As voice actors, staying in tune with these shifts ensures not only our relevance but also our versatility in an ever-changing landscape. So, what does the future hold for commer....

Commercial Techniques for Voice Actors

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
If you're diving into the exciting world of voiceover commercials, then you've probably heard the buzzwords 'conversational' and 'natural read' thrown around. You might've even been told, 'We want it to sound like you're just talking to a friend.' So, what's all the fuss about? Today, let's break do....

Voice Actors and Iconic Commercials

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
The expansive world of advertising is replete with commercials that don't merely fade into the annals of time. Instead, they secure their place as iconic beacons of creative expression and resonate deeply within our cultural landscape. Iconic commercials hold a place in our hearts. One unyielding co....

Influential Commercial Voice Actors

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
The Rise and Influence of Commercial Voice Actors The world of commercial advertising has grown in leaps and bounds, from print media to television to digital platforms. With this evolution, the demand for voiceover artists, especially influential commercial voice actors, has surged exponentially. T....

A Guide to Commercial Production Companies for Voice Actors

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
Voice acting is a unique field that requires talent, dedication, and an understanding of the landscape to make it big. For voice actors aiming to land roles in commercials, knowing about top commercial production companies is essential. These companies often have their preferred voice talents and ar....

The History of Commercials: A Voiceover Voyage

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
The History of Commercials - How It Evolved When we flick through channels on our TVs or scroll down our YouTube feeds, we're often met with a barrage of advertisements. For voice actors, commercials represent an opportunity to showcase talent, versatility, and the power of the spoken word. But how ....

Commercial Demos - Your Audio Resume

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
In the eclectic domain of voiceover work, commercial demos have emerged as the reigning monarch. Not just a mere recording, it acts as an artist's business card, portfolio, audio resume and audition all at once. It illustrates their range, versatility, and ability to resonate with varied audiences. ....

Commercial Agents: The Unsung Heroes of Voiceover Brilliance

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
When you switch on your radio or TV, and an iconic voice captures your attention, there's a good chance a commercial agent was behind the magic. But what do these commercial agents actually do? How do they find the golden voices we've come to love and sometimes, imitate in the shower (don't deny it)....

Commercial Casting Directors: The Maestros Behind Voiceover

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
In the shimmering universe of advertising, where the difference of a mere thirty seconds can elevate a product to stardom or doom it to obscurity, there's an unsung hero working diligently behind the scenes: the commercial casting director. This hero is especially indispensable when it comes to voic....

Commercial Voiceover Styles: The Symphony of Selling

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
Navigating through the world of commercial voiceovers can feel much like traversing through a maze—each turn reveals new surprises. From the assertive tones that demand your attention to the gentle whispers drawing you into a world of luxury, the industry is brimming with diverse voices, each ....

Commercial Voice Over

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Commercials
Understanding Commercial Voice Over: Bringing Brands to Life In the world of advertising, the way a message is conveyed can significantly influence its impact. Commercial voice overs, with their ability to inject personality and emotion into content, play a pivotal role in crafting compelling narrat....

Voiceover Commercials

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
The term 'commercial' embodies a myriad of interpretations depending on the industry it is applied to. In the voiceover industry, it refers to an assortment of elements such as brands, talents, products, services, and much more. But what does the role of voiceover in commercials imply for today's vo....

Commercial Auditions Top Tips

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
To best prepare for commercial auditions, voice actors should focus on a variety of aspects to showcase their skills, versatility, and professionalism. Here are some tips to help voice actors put their best foot forward during a commercial voiceover audition: Research the Brand and Product: Famili....

The Power of Voiceover Commercials: Art, Impact, and Strategies

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Commercials
Voiceover commercials have been an integral part of the advertising industry for decades, helping brands deliver their messages effectively and memorably. With the rise of digital media, the importance of voiceover commercials has only grown, providing a powerful platform for companies to engage wit....



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