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Voiceover Commercials

By Alan Shires Filed Under: CommercialsVoiceover Genres
The term 'commercial' embodies a myriad of interpretations depending on the industry it is applied to. In the voiceover industry, it refers to an assortment of elements such as brands, talents, products, services, and much more. But what does the role of voiceover in commercials imply for today's vo....

Commercial Auditions Top Tips

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Voiceover GenresCommercials
To best prepare for commercial auditions, voice actors should focus on a variety of aspects to showcase their skills, versatility, and professionalism. Here are some tips to help voice actors put their best foot forward during a commercial voiceover audition: Research the Brand and Product: Famili....

The Power of Voiceover Commercials: Art, Impact, and Strategies

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Voiceover GenresCommercials
Voiceover commercials have been an integral part of the advertising industry for decades, helping brands deliver their messages effectively and memorably. With the rise of digital media, the importance of voiceover commercials has only grown, providing a powerful platform for companies to engage wit....



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