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Building Characters From Scripts

By Alan Shires Filed Under: Acting SkillsGeneral Education
Mastering Scripts for Character Building in Voice Acting Diving into the world of anime voice acting can feel similar to stepping onto an enormous, vibrant stage. You are handed a script, and with it comes the responsibility to breathe life into a character, to immerse yourself into their persona, a....

A Seasoned Voice Actor

By Alan Shires Filed Under: General Education
As a seasoned voice actor, I've seen countless projects come to life, from ad campaigns and video games to audiobooks and documentaries. The key to their success? Hiring a professional voice actor. You may be tempted to cut costs and opt for a cheaper, inexperienced voice talent, but in this article....

The History of Video Games

By Alan Shires Filed Under: General EducationVideo Games
Video games have indisputably carved their space in the entertainment industry, standing at the vanguard of technological innovation, creative storytelling, and interactive engagement. From their simple beginnings in the 1970s to their advanced multiplatform experiences today, video games have not o....

What is the Role of a Voice Actor

By Joe Davis Filed Under: General Education
Find Out Exactly What the Role of a Voice Actor is Voice actors, known for their talent of using voice as their primary tool, play a pivotal role in a wide range of industries and mediums - from video games, animation and commercial advertisements, to audiobooks, podcasts, and beyond. But what exact....

A Full VO Overview - Finding Work

By Alan Shires Filed Under: General Education
The world of voice acting presents a thrilling and fulfilling venture but it is not without hurdles. The pursuit of happiness leads us to professions that spark joy, such as voice acting. It offers an opportunity to leave an indelible impact, from inspiring children through captivating character por....

How to Get Voice Over Work With No Experience

By Joe Davis Filed Under: General Education
Embarking on a new career path can be intimidating, especially in a field as competitive and skill-intensive as voice over. However, every voice over talent started out as a novice at some point. It's the steps they took next that led to their eventual success. If you're interested in venturing into....

What is Pre-Screening in Voice Over Casting

By Joe Davis Filed Under: General Education
The Crucial Stage of Pre-Screening in Voice Over Casting In the multifaceted world of voice acting, talent acquisition isn't simply about finding a voice that sounds good; it involves searching for the right voice to effectively convey the message or story. This is where the process of pre-screening....

History of the Voice Over Industry

By Joe Davis Filed Under: General Education
The history of the voice-over industry is deeply intertwined with the development of broadcasting and entertainment mediums over the past century. It's a tale of technological innovation, creative expression, and the transformation of cultural norms. The term 'voice-over' pertains to a production te....

How to Become a Voice Actor

By Joe Davis Filed Under: General Education
Voice acting is a rewarding and versatile profession that offers a unique blend of creativity and flexibility. Whether you're interested in narrating audiobooks, voicing characters in video games, or providing voice-overs for commercials, there's a wealth of opportunities waiting for you in this exc....
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