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How to Get Voice Over Work With No Experience

By Joe Davis Filed Under: General Education
Embarking on a new career path can be intimidating, especially in a field as competitive and skill-intensive as voice over. However, every voice over talent started out as a novice at some point. It's the steps they took next that led to their eventual success. If you're interested in venturing into....

What is Pre-Screening in Voice Over Casting

By Joe Davis Filed Under: General Education
The Crucial Stage of Pre-Screening in Voice Over Casting In the multifaceted world of voice acting, talent acquisition isn't simply about finding a voice that sounds good; it involves searching for the right voice to effectively convey the message or story. This is where the process of pre-screening....

History of the Voice Over Industry

By Joe Davis Filed Under: General Education
The history of the voice-over industry is deeply intertwined with the development of broadcasting and entertainment mediums over the past century. It's a tale of technological innovation, creative expression, and the transformation of cultural norms. The term 'voice-over' pertains to a production te....

How to Become a Voice Actor

By Joe Davis Filed Under: General Education
Voice acting is a rewarding and versatile profession that offers a unique blend of creativity and flexibility. Whether you're interested in narrating audiobooks, voicing characters in video games, or providing voice-overs for commercials, there's a wealth of opportunities waiting for you in this exc....



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