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What is Pre-Screening in Voice Over Casting

By Joe Davis. Published May 29, 2023.
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The Crucial Stage of Pre-Screening in Voice Over Casting

In the multifaceted world of voice acting, talent acquisition isn't simply about finding a voice that sounds good; it involves searching for the right voice to effectively convey the message or story. This is where the process of pre-screening for voice over actors comes into play, a critical stage in the casting process that helps producers and casting directors identify the ideal talent for their project.

Understanding Pre-Screening

Pre-screening is essentially a filtering process used to sort through a large number of voice over audition submissions. Its primary goal is to identify the most suitable candidates for a project, which are then shortlisted for further evaluation or a final round of auditions.

At its core, pre-screening is a time-efficient method for casting directors and producers to ensure that the auditions they thoroughly review are from actors who meet the specific criteria of their project. These criteria can range from the obvious factors like age, gender, and language, to more nuanced aspects such as vocal range, acting ability, and the capacity to convey specific emotions or portray particular character types.

The Role of a Pre-Screening Process

The process of pre-screening voice over actors plays a crucial role in the production process. Here's why:

  • Quality Assurance: Pre-screening helps maintain the quality of voice over work by ensuring only suitable candidates are considered for the project. By doing so, it increases the likelihood of finding the perfect voice match for the project.

  • Efficiency: Given that casting calls can attract hundreds, or even thousands of auditions, pre-screening saves time and resources by filtering out unsuitable candidates in the initial stages.

  • Objectivity: The pre-screening process aims to make the selection process more objective. It uses set criteria to evaluate each audition, reducing bias and ensuring each actor is judged on their merit and suitability for the role.

Conducting a Pre-Screening for Voice Over Actors

Pre-screening usually begins with the review of voice demos or specific audition pieces submitted by the actors. Casting directors listen for vocal qualities such as tone, range, pace, and clarity. They also assess the actor's ability to convey emotion, embody characters, and adapt their performance to the project's requirements.

Beyond vocal qualities, other factors are considered during pre-screening. These may include the actor's experience, training, and technical capabilities, especially for remote work that requires personal recording equipment.

In some cases, pre-screening may also involve a brief interview or discussion with the actor. This can help assess their understanding of the role, their interest in the project, and their ability to take direction.

The Long-term Impact of Pre-Screening

Pre-screening is not only beneficial for whatever the current project is but can also be invaluable for future projects. It allows casting directors and producers to discover new talent and to build a database of voice actors who, although they may not be suitable for the current project, could be perfect for future roles.

It can be an essential part of the voice over casting process. It ensures efficiency, maintains quality, and promotes objectivity in the selection process. By conducting thorough pre-screening, casting directors increase their chances of finding the ideal voice talent for their project, thereby contributing to the overall success of the production.

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