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Vocal Health in Voice Over

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Vocal Health
Welcome to the Vocal Health section of our website, a dedicated resource aimed at helping voice actors maintain optimal vocal health and prevent potential vocal issues. In the voice-over industry, your voice is your most valuable asset, and taking care of it should be a top priority. This section wi....

Throat Clearing and Vocal Health

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Vocal Health
Voice actors rely on their voices as their primary tool for success. One common issue that voice actors face is the need to clear their throats frequently, which can be harmful to vocal health. Find out the reasons behind throat clearing, its impact on vocal health, and techniques to minimize throat....

Hydration for Voice Actors

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Vocal Health
Proper hydration is crucial for voice actors as it ensures the optimal functioning of their vocal folds. As a voice actor, it is important to understand significance of internal and external hydration, as well as the impact of medications on hydration and voice health. Internal Hydration Maintaining....

Protecting Vocal Health

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Vocal Health
Considering how to protect your most valuable asset, your voice, should a top priority for every voice actor. A healthy voice is critical for success in the voice over industry, and without proper care, your career may be short-lived. Follow these tips to help maintain your voice's health and a pros....



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