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Techniques for Reducing Mouth Noises When Recording Voiceovers

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Techniques
Have you ever recorded what you thought was a perfect voiceover take, only to replay it and hear intrusive sounds - a lip smack, a tongue click, or even a mouth pop? These unwanted noises, known collectively as 'mouth noises', can be a nuisance in the recording studio, potentially disrupting the flo....

Voice Over Techniques

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Techniques
Welcome to the Voice Over Techniques section of our website, your ultimate resource for mastering the art and craft of voice acting in the ever-expanding world of voice over. This section is dedicated to helping you enhance your skills, develop your unique voice, and learn the techniques needed to e....

Natural Speech Cadence

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Techniques
As a voice actor, your ability to convey meaning and emotions through your speech is essential. One of the most critical aspects of this is maintaining a natural speech cadence while reading a script. Understanding and practicing natural speech cadence can significantly improve your performance and ....

Mouth Clicks Prevention

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Techniques
As a voice actor, maintaining high-quality vocal recordings is crucial for success. One of the most common issues faced by voice actors is the presence of mouth clicks, which can be distracting and compromise the quality of their recordings. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the secrets to pre....

International Phonetic Alphabet for Pronunciation

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Techniques
Pronunciation is a crucial aspect of voice acting, as it can significantly impact the quality and effectiveness of voice over work. Voice actors often encounter scripts with unfamiliar words, names, or phrases that can pose pronunciation challenges. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a val....

Debreathing Your Voice Overs

By Joe Davis Filed Under: Techniques
In the world of voice overs, the quality of your recording is crucial to your success. One aspect that can greatly impact the quality of your voiceover is the presence of breath sounds, also known as 'debreathing.' While breathing is a natural part of speaking, it can sometimes be distracting or eve....
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