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Building Characters From Scripts

By Alan Shires. Published Jul 25, 2023.

Mastering Scripts for Character Building in Voice Acting

Diving into the world of anime voice acting can feel similar to stepping onto an enormous, vibrant stage. You are handed a script, and with it comes the responsibility to breathe life into a character, to immerse yourself into their persona, and to guide them through their journey of wonder, adventure, opposition, and mystery. I've traversed this process countless times, and I’m here to share my insights on understanding, working with, and building characters from scripts.

Unveiling the Character from the Script With Emotional Depth

First and foremost, understanding your character starts with the script. It's your treasure map, with cues and clues about the character's personality, motives, and growth. Study it closely and absorb the written word - the explicit dialogues and the subtle undertones. Try to perceive the world through your character’s eyes and their responses to situations. The magic starts when you can empathize with your character's experiences and reactions.

Characters in anime are far from one-dimensional. They have rich backstories, personal motivations, and emotional arcs, and they evolve over time. As you delve deeper into the script, seek to understand these aspects. Ask yourself - what drives your character? What are their fears, dreams, and quirks? Building an emotional connection with your character allows you to portray their depth and complexity in a truly authentic manner.

Character Development and Collaborating in a Team

In any compelling narrative, characters evolve. They learn, they grow, and they change. As a voice actor, it’s your responsibility to reflect this evolution in your performance. This requires adaptability and a keen understanding of the character's journey. Regularly revisit the script to ensure your portrayal aligns with the character’s development.

Remember, you're not alone in this process. Working closely with directors and writers can provide valuable insights into your character. They can guide you on the nuances of the character, the subtleties of the script, and the direction of the story. Embrace this collaborative process, as it enriches your understanding and portrayal of the character.

The Reward: Building Characters From Scripts

The process of character-building in voice acting is both challenging and deeply rewarding. By investing time in understanding the script, developing emotional depth, infusing character traits into your voice, adapting to character development, and collaborating with the team, you can deliver a performance that’s authentic, engaging, and memorable.

The essence of voice acting lies in the delicate art of conveying character traits through your voice. Is your character shy, bold, cheeky, or wise? Your delivery should mirror these traits. Practice modulating your voice to reflect the character's emotional state and personality. Remember, it’s not just about what your character is saying, but also how they’re saying it.

In the world of anime, a well-portrayed character can resonate with the audience, evoke emotions, and create a lasting impact. As a voice actor, you have the opportunity to be the voice behind these memorable characters. So, dive into your script, embrace your character, and let the journey begin! Remember, every character you voice is a story waiting to be told, a life waiting to be lived, and a journey waiting to be embarked upon.

Building Characters From Scripts by Alan Shires

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