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Email Marketing for Voice Actors

By Joe Davis. Published Jun 08, 2023.
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Email marketing serves as a powerful tool for voice actors to connect with potential clients, maintain relationships with existing ones, and promote their unique talents to a wider audience. This content page will delve into the essence of email marketing for voice actors, explore various platforms, and discuss the different approaches based on voice over genres.

Understanding Email Marketing for Voice Actors

Email marketing refers to the use of email to promote products or services, but for voice actors, it's about promoting yourself - your voice, skills, versatility, and unique value proposition. It provides an opportunity to showcase your abilities, recent work, and industry updates directly to those who matter most: your clients.

Email Marketing Platforms

Various email marketing platforms are available, each with unique features that can cater to your specific needs. Platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Brevo (formerly SendinBlue), and GetResponse offer free versions with basic functionalities, perfect for beginners. These platforms allow you to create email lists, design compelling newsletters, and track the performance of your campaigns. As you grow your list and need more advanced features, you can explore their paid options or look into more robust platforms like ActiveCampaign or Keap.

Tailoring Your Approach: Genre-Specific Email Marketing

The approach to email marketing can vary significantly based on the voice over genre you're targeting.

For example, if you're focusing on corporate narration or e-learning, you might emphasize your ability to communicate complex information clearly and effectively. Share samples of your previous work in these genres, or even consider creating a brief educational series via email to demonstrate your expertise.

In contrast, if your niche is character voice acting for animation or video games, you could highlight your range and versatility, providing sound clips of various characters you've portrayed. Show your creativity through engaging storytelling within your emails.

For commercial voice over work, focus on your ability to evoke emotions and influence consumer behavior. You could even create a mock commercial for a fictitious product, demonstrating how your voice can be used to engage potential customers.

Craft Your Campaign: Engaging Content

An effective email marketing campaign is built on engaging content. Here are some tips for crafting compelling emails:

  1. Personalization: Use your email marketing platform's features to address recipients by their names and tailor content to their interests.

  2. Value Addition: Whether it's a tip, industry insight, or a sneak peek into your work process, always ensure you're providing value to your recipients.

  3. Clear Call-to-Action: What action do you want recipients to take after reading your email? Make this clear and easy to follow.

  4. Consistency: Consistency in sending emails builds trust and expectation. Choose a schedule that's sustainable for you and stick to it.

Email marketing presents a massive opportunity for voice actors to maintain a steady line of communication with clients, demonstrate their talent, and keep their audience engaged. By choosing the right platform, tailoring your approach to the genre, and crafting engaging content, you can leverage email marketing to unlock your full potential and build a thriving voice acting career. So, start your email marketing journey today and let your voice be heard.

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