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A Voice Actors Target Audience

By Alan Shires. Published Jul 24, 2023.
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Through my journey as a professional voice actor, I've learned that voice acting is much more than just speaking into a microphone. It's about understanding the audience, conveying the right emotions, and shaping the message to resonate with the listener. In this part of our exploration, we'll dive deeper into the concept of a voice actor's target audience.

Identifying A Voice Actor's Target Audience

Knowing your audience is fundamental to any successful communication endeavor, and voice acting is no exception. When I talk about a voice actor's target audience, I refer to the range of listeners we aim to reach. It might be consumers for a commercial, listeners of an audiobook, gamers for a video game, or even casting directors who could potentially hire us for future projects.

Casting directors are a crucial audience for voice actors. They hold the keys to potential jobs, making it vital to understand their needs and expectations. They look for voice actors who can deliver a compelling performance, adapt to different roles, and understand the nuances of a script. To attract casting directors, a professional voice actor, utilises platforms like casting call websites, showcasing voice reels, working hand in hand with their agent and maintaining a solid online presence with up to date material.

Understanding the Audience: Consumers

In voiceover work for advertisements, the target audience is the consumer. We're tasked with selling a product or service, and to do so effectively, we need to understand the consumers we're trying to reach. Are they young, tech-savvy individuals or mature, discerning adults? A professional voice actor tailors their voice, delivery style, and tone to resonate with the intended consumers, driving them to act.

In today's digital age, one of the most efficient ways to reach an audience is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By optimizing our online content, we can ensure our work reaches the right ears. This means using relevant keywords in our website content, regularly updating our site with new samples and news, and making use of meta tags for our audio files. SEO is an indispensable tool that helps a professional voice actor get discovered online.

Connecting with Audiobook Listeners

Audiobook listeners are a unique audience. They require a voice actor who can engage them over long periods, making the story come alive with varied character voices and emotive narration. Understanding the genre and target demographic of the book helps a professional voice actor deliver a performance that captivates the listeners and keeps them hooked.

Engaging with the Gaming Community

For video game voiceovers, the audience often consists of passionate gamers. They seek immersive experiences and crave realistic, impactful characters. A professional voice actor can use their skills to bring video game characters to life, ensuring an engaging and memorable gaming experience.

Online Target Audience: The Key to Success

In addition to utilizing SEO, a strong online presence on social media and professional networking sites is a must for a voice actor. It allows us to showcase our talent, interact with potential clients, and keep ourselves updated on industry trends. Websites that host work can also be leveraged to reach potential clients and casting directors.

Understanding and connecting with a voice actor's target audience is a skill developed with time, experience, and a keen sense of empathy. As a professional voice actor, I've learned to adapt my performance to resonate with different audiences, from casting directors and consumers to audiobook listeners and gamers. In the fast-paced digital age, we also have to harness the power of SEO and maintain a robust online presence to ensure our voices reach the right ears. It's an ongoing journey, but one that leads to rewarding connections and successful projects.

A Voice Actors Target Audience by Alan Shires

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