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A Voiceover NDA

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 13, 2023. Last Updated: Jun 16, 2023.
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Introduction to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A voiceover NDA is something we will all come across in our careers. Starting from the basics, an NDA stands for a Non-Disclosure Agreement. As the name suggests, it's a contractual arrangement that restricts parties from disclosing specific information. While paperwork, contracts, and forms are far from the ideal way to spend an evening for most people, and particularly creatives, these legal documents play a significant role in professional interactions. Creatives primarily focus on storytelling, education, entertainment, and truth delivery, and an NDA might seem like an inconvenience. But it offers protection, not just for your client, but for you as well. Let's delve deeper into the significance of an NDA in the voiceover industry.

Understanding An NDA

An NDA typically comes into play when you agree to work on a project under certain conditions, including the imperative not to reveal the project's nature to anyone unless authorized by the client. To illustrate, consider the Call of Duty video game series, which releases a new game roughly every 18 months. As one game nears its release date, the subsequent one is likely already in production. If details about next year's game were to leak before the launch of the current game, it could devalue the new release, negatively impacting sales and story continuity.

The Role of An NDA in the Voiceover Industry

Voiceover artists are often required to sign an NDA. Whether before a session, during negotiations, or even at the audition stage. While it may seem excessive, it serves the crucial purpose of safeguarding the company's assets and reputation. The risk lies in the potential for information leaks – the more individuals privy to a project's details, the greater the likelihood of a leak. In an era where fan theories and speculation can go viral in minutes, a small leak could have significant consequences.

A Voiceover NDA Wrapped Up

In short, ab NDA is integral to professional practice in the voiceover industry, ensuring confidentiality and protecting clients and artists. They govern how voiceover artists operate, why they're in place, and their role in preventing information leaks.

In the next installment of this series, we'll delve into the specifics of typical NDAs, such as duration of usage, silence period, fees, and more. The contents can vary depending on your involvement level in the project. For instance, an audition NDA might not stipulate anything about the material's use post-airing. Such information would instead be outlined in a contract or brief.

In future articles, we will also discuss protection measures and artists' rights. The world of dealing with an NDA in the voiceover industry might seem intimidating. but, a comprehensive understanding of their purpose and content can equip you with the tools to navigate this task confidently.


Voiceover NDA by Alan Shires

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