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Actor and VO Pay-to-Play Sites

By Alan Shires. Published May 25, 2023.
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There is a wide range of actor and VO pay-to-play sites. The entertainment industry has seen a significant rise in the popularity of pay-to-play websites for voiceover and acting. These platforms are rapidly becoming the go-to spots for actors and voiceover artists looking for work. This article delves into the various pay-to-play websites offering exciting opportunities for both professionals and enthusiasts in voiceover and acting crafts.

Mandy: A Versatile Platform for Actors and VOs

Mandy has carved out a significant niche for itself in the entertainment world, continually evolving and rebranding to stay relevant. Not only limited to voiceovers but its roots actually lay with actors. It has also successfully capitalized on a large audience of performers through a subscription model without cutting into the performers' earnings. In other words, actors don't pay commission on their booked work.

A unique function Mandy had was its browser-based auditioning system for self-tape roles. Sadly, since the acquisition by Backstage, they removed this interface. Mandy provides performers the flexibility to switch between profiles. For instance, when auditioning for a voiceover job, the platform prompts performers to apply using their voiceover profile and similarly for on-screen work.

StarNow: A Powerful Hub for Voice Talent and Actors

StarNow has also undergone substantial transformation and rebranding. Its recent acquisition by Backstage marked a significant change, resulting in a shared interface. While it requires a subscription from performers, it does not deduct any percentage from their earnings.

StarNow, attracting professionals from every corner of the industry, casts a wide net of work opportunities. Auditions and self-tapes must be uploaded to the platform, as an in-browser recording option is not supported. It also allows multiple profiles for different work genres.

Backstage: A Global Site for VOs and Actors

Backstage is a noteworthy platform in the entertainment industry, owning platforms like Voice123, StarNow, and Mandy. With a global presence and a widely acclaimed magazine, it is a hub for work opportunities. In 2022, Backstage launched its voiceover division, ‘Backstage Voices,’ which has seen a remarkable growth trajectory. Like its counterparts, Backstage operates on a subscription basis without taking a cut of performers' earnings.

Navigating Your Pay-to-Play Sites 

Traditionally, platforms such as Casting Networks, Actors Access, and Spotlight have been the main resources for agents to book through in the USA and UK, hence hosting the highest quality of work. However, Mandy, StarNow, and Backstage Voices, while perhaps secondary, can still attract high-profile clients and high-quality projects.

Actor and VO Pay-to-Play Sites Round-Up

Despite the focus on these platforms, many other websites may serve your specific needs better. The key is to explore and find what works best for you. For more insightful content, take a look at our Voiceover Pay-to-Play and Generic Pay-to-Play articles. Also, learn more about how to audition on these platforms.

Actor and VO Pay-to-Play Sites by Alan Shires

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