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The Awakening AI in Video Games

By Alan Shires. Published Aug 14, 2023.
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AI in Video Games: Risks and Opportunities for Voiceover Professionals

The integration of Artificial Intelligence or AI in video games is rapidly evolving, reaching previously unimaginable milestones. Among the numerous facets affected by this technological advancement is the realm of voiceovers. As a voiceover professional, it's imperative to comprehend the landscape of AI's influence on your craft. Delving deeper into this phenomenon, let's examine the opportunities and challenges AI presents to the voiceover industry in the gaming sector.

Today's video games demand an unparalleled level of realism. Graphics have reached photorealistic standards, and gameplay mechanics are more intricate than ever. Along with these advancements, AI-generated voiceovers are emerging as a tool for developers. Such systems can produce countless dialogue lines in multiple languages without the need for individual actors. This technology is not just a proof-of-concept; it's becoming an industry standard.

Opportunities Utilising AI

The rise of AI in video games isn't a doomsday clock for voiceover artists. Instead, it can be viewed through a lens of opportunity:

Bespoke Character Creation: AI can assist in producing a baseline voice. However, the uniqueness, emotion, and authenticity that a human actor brings to a character cannot be wholly replicated. Developers might use AI to handle minor NPC (Non-Playable Character) dialogues, but main characters and pivotal roles will continue to rely on human talent.

Voice Training for AI: As AI voice systems evolve, there will be a growing demand for professionals to train and refine these algorithms. Voiceover artists can lend their expertise, ensuring AI voices sound more natural and less robotic.

Diverse Portfolio Expansion: AI tools can assist voiceover professionals in modulating their voices for various roles, helping them to diversify their range and potentially secure more diverse roles.

Risks and Challenges for Video Games

With evolution comes challenges. Voiceover professionals need to be aware of the hurdles that AI brings to the industry. As mentioned, minor NPC dialogues might soon be predominantly handled by AI, potentially reducing opportunities for newer artists trying to break into the industry. Payment structures may also be challenged, there's a possibility that studios may lean towards AI to reduce costs. It could affect traditional payment structures for voiceover roles. Finally, there are authenticity Concerns. AI's replication of human emotion is still a work in progress. Overreliance on AI might lead to games feeling inauthentic or lacking the human touch.

While the onset of AI in video games is inevitable, it doesn't spell the end for human voiceover talent. To navigate the shift, professionals need to be continuously learning to embrace new technologies and tools. Being adept at using AI to complement your skills can make you a more attractive asset. Of course, networking is still key. Forge strong relationships with game developers and studios. Highlight the irreplaceable value of human emotion and variability that you bring to a character. Then finding a niche is invaluable too! Whether it's a particular character type, emotion, or linguistic skill. Specialization can help you stand out, ensuring your services remain in demand.

Game Over - Continue? 

AI's integration into video game voiceovers presents a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges. However, history has shown that technology, when combined with human talent and creativity, can lead to unparalleled masterpieces. For voiceover professionals, the key lies in adaptation, learning, and continually evolving to find a harmonious balance between the organic and the algorithmic.

Voiceovers in games aren't merely about speaking lines; they breathe life into characters. And while AI continues to make strides, the genuine essence of a character — its soul, its quirks, and its emotions — remains a domain where a human touch is unparalleled. Embrace the future, but remember, your voice tells a story that no machine can genuinely replicate.

The Awakening AI in Video Games by Alan Shires

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