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The Artistry of Animation Voiceover

By Alan Shires. Published Jul 05, 2023.
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Animating and the creation of cartoons is a delightful form of art. It is capable of transporting us back to the innocence of our childhood or triggering fond memories of our children's favorite shows. Regardless of your personal encounters with animation, there's an undeniable charm in animation voiceover that transforms fun into this form of art. This article seeks to provide a deep understanding of the intriguing world of animation voiceovers.

The Intersection of Animation and Other Genres

People often tend to bundle animation with video games or anime, despite the unique styles each genre boasts. So, what makes them seem similar? These genres often require an imaginative approach, frequently more than a narration or a commercial script. They plunge into a realm of surrealism where the impossible becomes possible. Though it's not universally applicable, it's quite common in animation. This dynamic characterization creates an avenue for developing transferable skills across genres. If the idea of portraying a super-strong alien bunny aiming to be mankind’s next superhero appeals to you, then this is your arena. But, if your interest leans more towards commercial work, there's an extensive array of content available.

Understanding the Animation Genre

The essence of video games often hinges on placing realistic scenarios in improbable situations. For instance, replaying a war scene in a shooter game. The war's reality is known, yet the situation is foreign to many, making it difficult to imagine the experience. As voice actors, it becomes our job to construct such characters. Building a character for a real-life situation can be challenging, just as it can be for surreal, outrageous situations. Artists often find one easier than the other, hence highlighting a key difference between video games and animation – the scenario and element of circumstance. Anime, contrarily, revisits the age-old conflict between good and evil. Characters undergo dramatic backstories and intense pressures, portrayed in an aggressive manner to captivate the audience. When a character powers up, for instance, they might emit a deafening scream, a trait less common in regular animations.

The Joys of Animation Voiceover Wrapped Up

Creating a character that's ridiculously eccentric yet believable can be immensely enjoyable. The stimulation derived from the music, the artwork, and the storyline can make character creation a rewarding process. Regardless of how improbable a character may seem, the critical factor in animation is authenticity. The term 'truthfulness' is ubiquitous in performance, underscoring its importance. Children, with their uncanny ability to discern the inauthentic, form a significant chunk of the audience. Hence, the trick lies in making an imaginary character in a fantasy world seem as real as possible in the real world. The power of imagination and the ability to weave a story is truly one of the greatest gifts one can offer. The world of animation voiceover encapsulates this beautifully, presenting a platform where reality and fantasy seamlessly merge.

The Artistry of Animation Voiceover by Alan Shires

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