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Anime Casting Directors

By Alan Shires. Published Aug 01, 2023.
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The Crucial Role of Anime Casting Directors 

Anime Casting directors are the crucial link between voice actors and the roles they seek. In the field of anime, casting directors play a pivotal role in finding the right talent that can bring a broad range of characters to life. In this article, we will explore some of the prominent casting directors in the U.S. anime industry, their recent projects, and what they look for when casting voice actors.

Meredith Layne

Meredith Layne is a renowned casting director known for her work on several high-profile anime projects. Based in Los Angeles, she has worked on popular shows like "Attack on Titan" and "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".

When casting, Layne seeks versatility in voice actors - the ability to handle a wide range of emotions and character types. She also appreciates actors who can effectively capture the unique style and rhythm of anime dialogue. Voice actors can keep an eye on Layne's social media channels for any casting announcements.

Michael Sinterniklaas

Michael Sinterniklaas is not just a veteran voice actor but also an esteemed casting director. As the founder of NYAV Post, a bi-coastal recording studio that works in the anime industry, he has worked on projects like "Your Name" and "Weathering with You".

Sinterniklaas values authenticity in voice acting, looking for performers who can bring genuine emotion and depth to their characters. He regularly posts casting calls on the NYAV Post's official website and social media pages.

Mami Okada

As the Director of Operations and a casting director at Bang Zoom! Entertainment in Burbank, California, Mami Okada has a wealth of experience in the anime industry. She has contributed to the casting of numerous anime shows, including "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" and "One Punch Man".

Okada looks for actors who can demonstrate a broad range of vocal tones and emotions. Understanding the nuances of the anime style and respecting its cultural roots is also crucial. Voice actors can look for audition opportunities on the Bang Zoom! Entertainment website.

Stephanie Sheh

Stephanie Sheh is a prolific voice actress, director, and casting director. With credits on projects like "Naruto: Shippuden" and "The Legend of Tarzan", she has an impressive track record.

Sheh appreciates voice actors who can bring versatility and emotional honesty to their roles. She also values the ability to adapt to the high-energy style often required in anime. She often shares audition information via her social media platforms.

Jamie Simone

Jamie Simone is a casting director, voice director, and producer at Studiopolis, a Los Angeles-based company specializing in voiceover recording for animation. His credits include popular anime series such as "Bleach" and "Naruto".

Simone looks for voice actors who can exhibit a wide emotional range, clear enunciation, and the ability to match the character's lip movements accurately. Casting calls are often posted on the Studiopolis website.

Wrapping Up Who Are the Main Players In Anime Castings

Understanding the expectations and preferences of casting directors can give voice actors a significant edge when auditioning for anime roles. These casting directors are key figures in the industry, and meeting their criteria can open doors to numerous opportunities.

Remember that every casting director is unique, with their own set of expectations. Consistently honing your craft, demonstrating professionalism, and showcasing your unique voice are vital steps toward attracting the attention of these influential professionals.

So, prepare diligently, stay informed about upcoming casting calls, and take the plunge. Who knows? The next character you voice could become the newest sensation in the exciting world of anime.


Casting Directors in Anime by Alan Shires

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