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Breaking Into the World of Explainer Video Narration

By Alan Shires. Published Sep 04, 2023.
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Hey there, voice-acting aficionado! Ever been curious about that rich niche in the world of narration called "explainer video narration"? If you're scratching your head, wondering what on earth that is, don't sweat it. By the time you finish this little read, you'll be an almost expert, ready to carve your space in this fascinating corner of the voice-acting domain.

Let's start by picturing those captivating short videos you've stumbled upon, explaining how that shiny new app works or introducing a groundbreaking product that's about to disrupt the market. That’s your explainer video right there! Essentially, these are bite-sized, engaging videos that simplify complex concepts for the average Joe or Jane. The cherry on top? The voice giving life to those animations. Yep, that could be you!

Essential Skills for Nailing Explainer Video Narration

Diving deep into the nuances of this narration style, clarity emerges as the cornerstone. The essence of these videos is to, as the name implies, explain. If your audience needs a dictionary or decoder ring to understand your terms, the essence is lost. Your narration should be a clear stream of information that viewers can effortlessly drink from.

Moreover, pacing is a close companion to clarity. Resist the urge to speed-read just because these videos are short. It’s all about educating and enlightening, right? If you breeze through too fast, your viewers might feel like they’re trying to sip from a fire hose. But, (and it's a big "but") drag your words too much, and you might lull them into an unplanned nap. So, the trick lies in balancing - offering information at a pace where intrigue meets understanding.

Explainer Videos Done Differently

Who said versatility? It's your best friend in this game. Since explainer videos can range from the ultra-professional corporate world to the fun-filled realm of children's toys, it’s crucial that your voice adapts. Like a chameleon, you should be able to shift tones to fit the vibe of the video, making you an asset to a variety of projects.

Lastly, don’t forget the human touch. Emotional resonance is your secret sauce. Through your voice, the aim is to tug at the right heartstrings – be it sparking excitement, igniting curiosity, or building trust. When you narrate, ensure the listener feels the emotion appropriate for the topic.

Finding Your Voice in the Explainer Video Landscape

Getting started might seem daunting, but opportunities are abundant if you know where to look. Online voice-acting platforms are fantastic starting points. Here, projects are posted frequently, and a simple audition could land you your next big gig. But don’t just rely on platforms; sometimes, the direct approach can bear fruit. Consider reaching out to companies that specialize in explainer video production. A personalized email showcasing your passion, and perhaps a sample or two, could make a world of difference.

Traditional as it might sound, never underestimate the power of networking. Industry events, online webinars, and voice-acting communities can be your gateway to opportunities. The more people you connect with, the broader your horizon becomes. And of course, the digital age gives us the gift of social media. Platforms, especially like LinkedIn, can become your playground. Engaging with industry stakeholders and occasionally showcasing your work can set you on a path to consistent gigs.

The world of explainer video narration isn’t just about a pleasant voice; it’s about resonance, adaptability, and connection. Equip yourself with the right skills and an unyielding spirit, and this arena has the potential to become your main stage. Here's to you and your voice, making complex things sound oh-so-simple!

Breaking Into the World of Explainer Video Narration by Alan Shires

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