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Building Video Game Skills

By Alan Shires. Published Jul 14, 2023.
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Building video game skills is really important for the voice acting process. Voice acting is an integral part of the video game industry, bringing characters to life through dynamic dialogue and emotive performances. To thrive in this field, a voice actor needs a set of specific skills that can not only land them roles but also create networking opportunities. This article will explore these skills in detail.

Vocal Versatility for Video Games

Vocal versatility is the ability to change and adapt your voice to suit different characters and situations. This involves manipulating pitch, tone, accent, and pacing to create distinctive voices. A voice actor's job may involve voicing multiple characters in a single project, and each one must sound unique.

Having a versatile vocal range can help you land more roles as it demonstrates your ability to portray diverse characters. This can lead to more networking opportunities as game developers and casting directors may be more inclined to keep you in mind for future projects.

Vocal Endurance Is a Skill

Video game voice acting often requires long recording sessions. It's not uncommon for a voice actor to spend several hours in the recording booth. Therefore, it's vital to have vocal endurance to maintain consistent performances without straining your voice.

Building your vocal endurance can lead to more job opportunities. A voice actor who can perform consistently for long periods will be highly desirable to game developers working on large projects.

Acting Skills Within Video Games

Voice acting is more than just manipulating your voice; it's about delivering a believable performance. You need to convey emotions and intentions through voice alone. This involves understanding character motivations, interpreting scripts, and using your voice to tell a story.

Possessing solid acting skills can enhance your performance, making your characters more believable and engaging. This can generate work as game developers look for voice actors who can bring their characters to life. It can also create networking opportunities as your performances stand out and garner attention in the industry.

Understanding of Video Games

Understanding the medium you're working in is essential. Familiarize yourself with popular games, genres, and the way storytelling works in video games. You should know how dialogue works in games, as it often differs from linear narratives like movies or TV shows.

An understanding of video games can make you more marketable as a voice actor in the industry. It can lead to more job opportunities and help you connect with other industry professionals who value your knowledge and understanding of the medium.

Technical Skills

Voice actors need to understand recording technology. This includes basic audio recording and editing skills, and how to set up a home studio. The ability to self-record has become increasingly important in the industry, particularly with remote working conditions.

These technical skills can lead to more job opportunities, particularly for independent or remote projects. They can also help in networking, as understanding the technical aspects of voice recording can help you connect with sound engineers and other technical professionals in the industry.

Summing Up Video Game Skills

In the exciting world of video game voice acting, developing these key skills can be a significant career boost. Vocal versatility, endurance, acting skills, understanding of video games, and technical know-how are not just essential for delivering top-notch performances, they also open doors to new job opportunities and connections within the industry. By honing these skills, voice actors can stand out in the competitive video game industry and forge a successful career.

Building Video Game Skills by Alan Shires

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