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Commercial Agents: The Unsung Heroes of Voiceover Brilliance

By Alan Shires. Published Aug 22, 2023. Last Updated: Aug 23, 2023.
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When you switch on your radio or TV, and an iconic voice captures your attention, there's a good chance a commercial agent was behind the magic. But what do these commercial agents actually do? How do they find the golden voices we've come to love and sometimes, imitate in the shower (don't deny it)? In this light-hearted delve into the world of commercial agents specializing in voiceovers, we'll uncover some truths, a few trade secrets, and yes, maybe even throw in a dad joke or two for your enjoyment.

Finding that perfect voice isn't as simple as spinning a globe, pointing to a place, and selecting the first voice heard. No, it's an intricate dance. Commercial agents sift through an avalanche of demos, host auditions, and communicate closely with brands to find a voice that encapsulates a brand's identity.

Commercial Casting: From Agents and Auditions to Airwaves

It starts with understanding the brand. Is it playful or serious? Luxurious or affordable? Each of these nuances plays a role in the voice selection process. Then comes the audition phase. Here, potential voiceover artists try their best to embody the brand. It’s not just about having a great voice; it's about using it to convey the correct emotion, tone, and energy.

Once the right voice is identified, the agent works on contractual details, ensuring the voiceover artist’s interests are well represented. It's a meticulous process that demands a keen ear, sharp negotiation skills, and sometimes, the ability to diplomatically handle artistic temperaments (let's just say, diva moments aren’t restricted to on-screen stars!).

Who’s Who: Titans of the Voiceover Agency World

In the glamorous galaxy of voiceovers, several commercial agents shine a tad brighter. Here are some of the industry’s heavyweights:

Jeremy Silverstein: Known for his uncanny ability to spot nascent talent, Jeremy's clients range from animated movie stars to AI personal assistant voices. If there's a trending voiceover on social media, chances are, it's one of Jeremy's proteges.

Malia Davis: The powerhouse behind numerous award-winning commercial voiceovers, Malia's roster boasts both up-and-coming artists and established legends. With her extensive network and innate understanding of brand needs, she's the go-to for many big-name brands.

Roberto Gomez: With a flair for multicultural and multilingual talent, Roberto's agency has been instrumental in diversifying the voiceover landscape. Whether it's a sultry Spanish whisper or a booming African baritone, Roberto's got the perfect voice up his sleeve.

While these agents have become synonymous with voiceover excellence, the industry is teeming with emerging talent, poised to make their mark.

Commercial Agents, Having The Last Word

Diving deep into the voiceover world, it becomes clear that commercial agents are the backbone of this industry. Their role transcends merely pairing a voice with a brand; they craft sonic experiences that resonate with audiences. The next time you're swayed by a voice in an ad, take a moment to appreciate the maestro behind the curtain. They're the reason our favorite brands have a voice we recognize and love. They're the ones making sure that when a tree falls in the advertising forest (metaphorically speaking), it not only makes a sound but makes the right one. 

In the end, let's remember: in the world of voiceovers, while the voice may be the star, it’s the commercial agent who conducts the orchestra. As for that dad joke we promised: Why did the commercial agent get kicked out of the voiceover booth? He couldn't note the difference! But, thank goodness, the real pros can. 

Commercial Agents by Alan Shires


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