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Commercial Auditions Top Tips

By Alan Shires. Published May 04, 2023. Last Updated: May 24, 2023.
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To best prepare for commercial auditions, voice actors should focus on a variety of aspects to showcase their skills, versatility, and professionalism. Here are some tips to help voice actors put their best foot forward during a commercial voiceover audition:

  1. Research the Brand and Product: Familiarize yourself with the brand, its values, target audience, and the product or service being advertised. This understanding will help you better interpret the script and tailor your delivery to the brand's needs.

  2. Obtain and Analyze the Script: Get a copy of the script as early as possible and read it multiple times. Analyze the tone, pacing, and emotion required for the audition. Identify keywords and phrases that need emphasis and understand the overall message the brand aims to convey.

  3. Practice and Record: Rehearse the script multiple times, experimenting with different deliveries, tones, and styles. Record your practice sessions and listen to them, making notes on areas that need improvement. This process will help you refine your performance and ensure you are well-prepared for the audition.

  4. Warm-Up Your Voice: Just like any other instrument, your voice needs warming up before a performance. Perform vocal exercises and stretches to loosen up your vocal cords, improve your articulation, and enhance your vocal range.

  5. Focus on Breathing and Technique: Proper breath control is essential for a successful voiceover performance. Practice diaphragmatic breathing and work on your breath control to ensure a smooth delivery without unnecessary pauses or breathiness.

  6. Develop Character Choices: For character-driven commercials, experiment with different character choices and accents that align with the brand and product. This versatility will demonstrate your adaptability and range as a voice actor.

  7. Prepare a Professional Setup: If the audition is remote, ensure you have a professional recording setup, including a high-quality microphone, pop filter, and soundproofed space. This preparation will ensure your audition showcases your voice in the best possible quality.

  8. Dress Appropriately: While voiceover auditions are primarily focused on your vocal performance, it's still essential to present yourself professionally. Dress appropriately for the audition, as it demonstrates your commitment and professionalism. Rustling pieces of clothing and distracting jewelry choices will be picked up by the microphone. 

  9. Be Punctual and Prepared: Arrive at the audition (whether in-person or online) with ample time to spare. Bring any required materials, such as your headshot, resume, or a copy of the script. Being punctual and prepared will help you make a positive impression on the casting team.

  10. Be Open to Feedback and Direction: During the audition, be receptive to any feedback or direction given by the casting director or client. Your ability to adapt and take direction demonstrates your professionalism and willingness to collaborate.

By following these tips, voice actors can better prepare for commercial voiceover auditions, increasing their chances of booking the job and building their professional reputation within the industry.

Commercial Auditions by Alan Shires

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