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Connectivity Within Voiceover

By Alan Shires. Published May 12, 2023. Last Updated: May 24, 2023.
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Voiceover international connectivity, a relatively recent phenomenon, has revolutionized the voiceover industry. This system allows studios located anywhere globally to connect remotely, facilitating real-time interaction between voiceover artists and clients. For instance, a voiceover artist in Germany could work directly with a client in New Zealand. This innovation is a far cry from the past when such remote collaborations were impossible due to technological limitations.

Today, various platforms provide voiceover international connectivity services. These tools are continually improving and adapting to the ever-evolving needs of the industry. Here's an overview of some popular solutions.

Connectivity Providers Overview

Source Elements, a global leader in connectivity services, offers a product range to cater to different sectors, including voiceover. Among their offerings, Source Connect Now and Source Connect Standard are the most relevant for voiceover professionals. Source Connect Now is a free browser-based service, while Source Connect Standard is a subscription-based software that provides enhanced functionality. The software is also available with a perpetual license, albeit without the updates and support that come with the subscription. Despite this, Source Connect's monthly subscription is less popular among voiceover professionals. Source Elements further offers a community hub and a training academy in connectivity.

Clean Feed is another browser-based connectivity platform. Comparable to Source Connect Now, it offers a free service with features such as live session downloads. This means you can download the session as it happens without waiting for it to end, providing ample backup options. The downloads are in WAV format, and a running timer helps monitor the live session. Clean Feed is widely used by voice actors due to its comprehensive functionality.

Vortex, the newcomer in the industry, has a range of products, but its standout service for voiceover actors is 'CallMe.' Currently, CallMe supports one-on-one sessions, in contrast to its rivals which allow multiple participants. However, it is user-friendly design and secure backup system on CallMe servers, independent of browser storage, make it a reliable choice. Vortex is working on expanding CallMe to accommodate multiple participants, positioning it as a strong competitor to existing services. The service is subscription-based.

ipDTL, one of the pioneer software-based connectivity providers, supports up to six participants simultaneously. With a nominal subscription fee and a trial period of just $1 for three days, ipDTL has amassed a broad international clientele. It has a longstanding presence in the industry and is a trusted choice for voiceover artists worldwide.

Lastly, ISDN, an older hardware-based connectivity service, deserves a mention. Though now outdated and rarely used, it was the only connectivity option before the advent of software solutions. ISDN is operated through a dedicated hardware box connected to the phone line. While less effective than contemporary solutions, it was a vital stepping stone in the industry's evolution.

Connectivity Conclusion Within Voiceover

In summary, the landscape of voiceover international connectivity has transformed significantly, offering a plethora of choices for voiceover artists globally. From free browser-based solutions like Source Connect Now and Clean Feed to subscription-based offerings like Source Connect Standard and CallMe, there's a fit for every need. As the industry continues to evolve, so too will these platforms, striving to provide the most efficient and effective services for the modern voiceover artist.


Connectivity by Alan Shires

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