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Demystifying the Need for Voiceover Classes

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 22, 2023.
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Why are you reading this article? The answer, I presume, is your passion for voiceover, regardless of whether you're a novice or a seasoned artist. The decision to commit time and financial resources to voiceover classes can indeed be a daunting thought. How much should you invest? How much money should you spend? What's the worth of a good class? Let's investigate the answer to these questions and unpack other related issues.

Exploring The Intricacies of Voiceover Classes

Whether you are a neophyte in the industry or a seasoned artist, classes cater to everyone. Experienced artists may seek to sharpen their skills or acquire new ones, while novices might require a comprehensive understanding of the industry. The diversity of courses available can even offer specialized classes like voiceover marketing. The key to benefiting from these ventures is to approach them enthusiastically. If you perceive it as a burden, consider deferring it until your attitude becomes more positive. Voiceover offers so many different genres so it is important to study the ones you are most interested in be that video games, commercials, or something else. There is some general information you need to know with respect to editing, marketing, and agents, but the focus needs to be on the craft.

The Time Commitment for Voiceover Classes

Undeniably, enrolling in a class requires a time investment. Balancing a demanding class schedule with other life commitments can prove challenging. How much time should you allocate for a class? This depends on your objective. If you're aiming to polish an already well-honed skill, a single coaching session or class may suffice. However, if you aim to delve into a completely new genre, start from ground zero, or follow a structured program like Marketing 101, you should be prepared to devote the necessary time to accomplish your goal. It is important to ensure that you rest in and amongst learning, working, and building your brand. 

Financial Considerations of Voiceover Classes

Voiceover classes aren't exactly inexpensive, but they are a critical investment if you aim to progress in your career. For instance, gaining competence to work in commercials requires skill acquisition, which might cost money. If your budget doesn't allow this expenditure, it could pose a challenge. The cost varies depending on the coach's industry standing and skill set; some may be costlier while others are more affordable. Ultimately, your budget may dictate how much you can invest. Remember, a costlier option may not always be feasible, and sometimes a more affordable class could be the best fit for you.

Summarizing the Value of Classes

The crux of the matter is that any time or money invested in training is advantageous. However, there are times when it might be wise to wait until you have more disposable resources. For instance, you might choose to wait for the next paycheck to afford a more competent coach. It's vital to remember that voiceover classes are not merely an expense; they are an investment in your career. Your success in the industry will be a reflection of the time, effort, and resources you're willing to commit.

Voiceover Classes by Alan Shires

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