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E-Signatures for Voice Actors

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 28, 2023.
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The single letter "E" often prompts expectations and preconceived notions. It is associated with electronic advancements that make life faster, easier, and more convenient. Today, everything seems to be prefixed with "E". For instance, Nissan's 'E-Pedal' utilizes 'E' to represent its technological innovation. However, we are not diving into the intricate workings of the 'E-Pedal' or driving away with a nice new Nissan. Instead, we'll explore the concept of e-signatures for voice actors, a fascinating area where creativity can be applied effectively to better serve one's marketing needs.

Decoding E-Signatures For Voiceover Artists

An e-signature is essentially a professional digital sign-off positioned at the end of an email. It's a compact source of information the sender assumes the receiver might need. However, e-signatures can pose certain challenges. A cluttered e-signature, overloaded with details, can appear unorganized and confuse the reader. This raises a key question: what information should an e-signature convey? First impressions count for a lot and a bad E-Signature will scream unprofessionalism to the reciever. On the opposite side of this spectrum, a unique, well presented and usful E-Signature will display confidence in the senders professional behaviours. 

Optimizing E-Signatures for Voice Actors

The e-signature of a voice actor should showcase their portfolio. An immediate way to do this is by linking their professional website. If you don't have a website, don't fret. Our team offers free consultations to guide you in creating one. Besides, your e-signature should prominently feature your email address. While this may seem redundant as they can reply to your email, it's not always the case. Emails often get forwarded, causing the original sender's address to get buried in the forwarded content. By including your email address in your e-signature, you ensure it's readily accessible to any recipient. In addition, it's a common practice to include a company name and phone number in your e-signature. Even though phone calls may be less frequent, having a phone number available is beneficial.

Adorning Your Voice Talent E-Signature

Visual appeal plays a crucial role in perception, much like the difference between a neatly decorated cake and a messy one. The same rule applies to e-signatures. If you incorporate any images, logos, or headshots into your e-signature, ensure they're proportionately balanced with the text and formatted professionally. You don't want any graphics to overshadow or clutter your signature. Prior to using it with clients, test your signature with blank emails to verify its appearance.

The Takeaway On E-Signatures For Voiceover Artists

If you require assistance in designing a professional e-signature for your voiceover business, our team is here to help. Remember, a well-crafted e-signature can be an effective tool in landing new clients, much like a compelling cover letter. To present a consistent brand, your business cards, website, and e-signature should align in style and content. For additional information on creating effective business cards, feel free to explore our resources.

E-Signatures for Voice Actors by Alan Shires

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