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The Essential Travel Kit for Voice Actors Part 1

By Alan Shires. Published May 30, 2023.
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Voice actors are constantly on the move, and their professional toolkits must adapt accordingly. In this comprehensive guide, we'll unravel the quintessential travel kit for voice actors. Focusing on factors like size, weight, functionality, and practicality, we'll help you discern the optimal choices for your performance needs. Importance is given to the kit's convenience, maneuverability, and lightweight nature, with the objective to avoid bulky kit like heavy monitors. Let's not forget the acoustic essentials either! So, let's dive in.

Paring Down: What to Exclude from the Travel Kit

Audio interfaces play a critical role in the voiceover industry. It's the magical device that takes the microphone-inputted voice and translates it into a language our computer DAWs can understand. Nevertheless, while generally compact and lightweight, the audio interface is seen as a spare part within our pursuit of convenience and travel-friendliness. This is where the USB microphone comes in, with its promise of a compact alternative. We'll delve into its advantages in the subsequent section of this guide.

The Travel Kit: Simplifying Your Setup

It may seem self-evident, but it's crucial to precisely identify each component of your setup. If you're using a pre-amp, consider leaving it behind. The logic is the same as foregoing the audio interface: it's an unnecessary space consumer. The upside is that without the pre-amp and audio interface, you can bid adieu to those long, tangled, and heavy XLR cables.

Regarding the microphone stand, shock mount, and pop filter, the decision may not be as straightforward. Starting with the microphone stand and shock mount, it might be tempting to include them because of how great they are. But bear in mind, they add to weight and inconvenience. When space is limited, let's face it, shock mounts are not the friendliest of things to have in a travel kit. Portable stands are available and compacted neatly. Many microphones come with integrated stands too for this very purpose. Hotel spaces often constrain the use of large equipment. Similarly, the absence of a microphone stand negates the necessity of a shock mount so an inbuilt fold-up microphone stand is a great asset for your travel kit.

The pop filter, on the other hand, is almost a must-have for voice actors. Though some microphones incorporate pop filter technology, a compact, lightweight, transport-designed pop filter is a wise accessory to pack if your microphone lacks this integration.

Travel Kit for Voice Actors: Part One Recap

In this first installment, we've assessed what should be omitted from your voice-acting travel kit. The audio interface, pre-amp, microphone stand, shock mount, and bulky XLR cables are all left behind. Needless to say, monitors don't make the cut either.

So, what does make it in the bag? How can we overcome routine challenges without our typical equipment? Stay tuned for the second part of our guide, where we delve into the ideal contents of the ultimate travel kit for voice actors.

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