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What is Medical eLearning Voiceover?

By Alan Shires. Published Apr 28, 2024.
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In the vast, ever-expanding universe of voiceover work, eLearning holds a special place in my heart—it’s the bread and butter that keeps the vocal cords flexing for voice actors worldwide. It's not just about doling out information; it's about keeping the energy just right—not too dull, not too over-the-top. Not being over the top is the key to success here. Today, we are taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the fascinating niche of medical eLearning voiceover. Sounds complicated and technical right? Don't worry, we will stick to the facts but keep it light-hearted too. Ready? let's go!

The Wild World of Medical Voiceovers

When you dive into medical and healthcare education voiceovers, it’s less of a shallow dive and more of a deep-sea exploration. The terminology is as complex as a good plot twist, and accuracy is more crucial than in a courtroom drama. Imagine threading a needle while reciting the periodic table—that’s the level of precision required. And let’s be honest, those medical terms don’t roll off the tongue unless you’ve been practising in your sleep! So it is a skill, it is tough, but it is also super rewarding. Knowing that you're aiding a bigger picture and helping those who save lives is very rewarding. Practise makes perfect and commitment to the genre is critical if you are just starting out - don't give up!

Mastering the Art of Medical Narration

Here’s where I turn medical gobbledegook into something you might chat about over a cup of tea. Who said you can’t discuss open-heart surgery while munching on biscuits? The most popular and successful approach is simple: think of it as explaining the plot of a very intricate sci-fi movie to a friend who missed the first half. It’s about making the daunting world of medicine sound like a casual conversation between pals. Let’s face it, in medical eLearning, engaging isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. A professional, skilled and talented voiceover artist does more than just read a script! They instead, bring it to life, add a dash of empathy, and maybe a sprinkle of drama to the piece as well. Keeping your attention is as vital as a surgeon’s steady hand. The voice actor's job is to make sure the information doesn’t just fly over your head like a missed joke.

The Future is Bright for Medical eLearning Voiceovers

As we look ahead, the spotlight on authentic and engaging educational content only grows brighter, especially with younger, tech-savvy audiences. Staying ahead of the curve, I’m here not just to follow trends but to set them. My commitment to making learning enjoyable and clear isn't just about keeping up with the times—it’s about leading the charge in revolutionizing how we learn about health. ELearning in general is all about engagement. Engagement is important when it comes to retaining information. So as a voice actor, it's about the whole package - it's not just reading words, and it's not just about delivering characters. It's about moving between styles to deliver a truthful performance to your audience. 

Medical eLearning Voiceover by Alan Shires

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