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Social Media as a Voice Actor

By Alan Shires. Published Jul 10, 2023.
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The world of social media can be daunting for voice actors, but when strategically harnessed, it can also be an enjoyable journey that bolsters your professional presence. With numerous factors to ponder on such as platform selection, content to share, and frequency of posts, navigating this terrain may seem complex. So, let's simplify it together.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

Our focus here will not be on video-centric platforms like YouTube or TikTok. Instead, we'll spotlight four platforms beneficial for voice actors: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Facebook offers numerous pages and groups to engage with, promoting a sense of community. Being active and interactive is an invaluable asset in casting circles. Plus, casting calls and auditions frequently populate this platform, so remain vigilant about staying connected with posters.

Twitter, a highly social platform, features an impressive tool called 'Lists'. You can compile your own list and control its privacy settings. Be mindful that public lists notify added members - that might be a bit of an awkward situation, perhaps! But these lists are instrumental in tracking your network and maintaining relationships.

Instagram is currently riding a popularity wave, owing to its visually engaging content in an era of dwindling attention spans. You can find casting calls on this platform occasionally.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is considered the most professional platform from a conventional business standpoint. It serves as a robust conduit to prospective clients and industry professionals. Therefore, ensure your profile exhibits professionalism - an amateurish one is easy to spot!

Determining the Content and Frequency of Sharing

The art of self-marketing can be challenging. The goal is to reflect a blend of your professional life and personal authenticity on your social media. This doesn't mean you should broadcast mundane tasks like doing laundry, but it suggests incorporating some personal elements.

I, for one, adore ice cream and often share my excitement when I discover an intriguing flavor. (Did you know Ferrero Rocher is a flavor?) As a family man, I occasionally post cheerful family photos. Alongside this, I regularly share updates from my professional endeavors. To keep your content engaging and timely, consider posting every other day. Relating to one another is an important element when building trustworthy connections. 

Final Thoughts on Social Media for Voice Actors

Like most aspects of life, finding the right equilibrium is vital in managing social media as a voice actor. With several responsibilities extending beyond the recording booth, we often find ourselves juggling the role of marketers as well. The strategy lies in gravitating towards platforms you're comfortable with and creating content that genuinely reflects you.

Social Media as a Voice Actor by Alan Shires

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