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Techniques for Voice Actors to Stand Out in Anime

By Alan Shires. Published Jul 27, 2023.
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Techniques for voice actors to stand out in anime can be tricky based on its competitive nature. In the ever-evolving and highly competitive world of voice acting, being an established professional is not just about having a great voice or versatility. It's about adopting strategies that make you unforgettable, particularly in niche markets like anime. It's an exciting and challenging landscape, with its unique nuances and expectations. For those seasoned in the voiceover industry looking to leave a mark in anime, here are some techniques to consider. 

Anime Voice Actors

Understanding the Art Form and Audience
Anime is a diverse medium, unlike traditional cartoons. It encompasses various genres, from slice-of-life and romance to horror and fantasy. A deep understanding of anime's many facets will give you a remarkable edge. Watch different anime styles, listen to their voiceovers, understand their cultural nuances, and get a feel for the audience. This awareness will help shape your performances and enable you to deliver a more authentic, relatable portrayal, which will unquestionably set you apart.

Mastery of Tone and Emotional Depth
Anime, famed for its intense emotional landscapes, demands its voice actors bring a certain level of emotional depth and sincerity. It's the tone of your voice, how it breaks during an emotional scene, or how it echoes with laughter in a comic relief moment. Your ability to convey these subtle tonal changes can dramatically enhance your character's believability. Try honing these skills with acting or improv classes.

The Voice and Character

Language Proficiency and Accents
A surprising element that can distinguish you as an anime voice actor is your proficiency in Japanese and your ability to accurately emulate Japanese accents when performing in English. Many anime series retain a strong connection to their cultural roots, with characters using Japanese phrases or displaying distinctly Japanese behaviors. Your expertise in culture, language and accents can help convey these aspects, offering a performance that resonates with hardcore anime fans.

Embodying an Anime Character

Character Specialization
There is a vast range of character archetypes in anime, each with its unique vocal requirements. Some actors find success specializing in certain archetypes, like the young, naive protagonist, the wise mentor, or the evil antagonist. By specializing, you can perfect your skills for that specific character type, becoming the go-to actor for those roles.

Physical Conditioning
Voice acting is not just about the voice; it's a physical endeavor. Stamina, breath control, and posture - all contribute to your vocal performance. Maintaining excellent physical conditioning can be especially crucial during long recording sessions, preventing fatigue from affecting your delivery.

The Other Work Expected From Voice Actors

Networking and Self-Promotion
To stand out in the anime voice-acting world, it’s critical to network with key individuals like directors, writers, and fellow voice actors. Attend industry events, participate in conventions, or connect on social media platforms. Self-promotion is also key. Build a website or a social media presence where you can showcase your anime-specific work and skills.

Continual Skill Development
To stay relevant and continue standing out, it's crucial to commit to ongoing learning. This industry is dynamic, and so should you be. Regularly participate in workshops, coaching sessions, or online courses. Stay updated with new anime trends, techniques, and industry standards. To learn more about emotion, voice, and brand when it comes to this subject matter you can check out our continuation article here.

Techniques for Voice Actors to Stand Out in Anime by Alan Shires

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