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Standing Out in Video Games

By Alan Shires. Published Aug 17, 2023.
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A Voice Actor's Guide to Standing Out in Video Games

The realm of video games has exploded in the last decade, ushering in numerous opportunities in various sectors. One of the most desired areas within this industry is voice acting. The thrill of bringing a character to life, coupled with the allure of fame, makes this a dream for many. Yet, the reality is that standing out in video games as a voice actor is challenging due to intense competition. Standing out in video games as a voice actor is not an easy thing to achieve in an industry that is so densely populated with talent. 

Before you embark on this journey, it's crucial to grasp the vastness and diversity of the video game world. From RPGs (Role-Playing Games) to first-person shooters, each genre requires a different tonality and approach. Research popular games in your desired genre and notice the nuances in voice acting. It's not just about having a powerful voice but adapting it to the game's universe.

Video Games Demand Versatility

In the realm of video games, one game might require you to be a valiant knight while the next, a cunning thief. Flexibility in your vocal range and character interpretation is paramount. Work on enhancing your versatility by experimenting with different pitches and modulations. It is also good practice to attend workshops to hone different accents and dialects. Additionally, immersing yourself in diverse roles outside of video games, like theater or animation will provide results too. 

Your portfolio is the first impression game developers get of your capabilities. Instead of generic voice samples, create a diverse portfolio showcasing your range in video games. Use snippets from different styles such as fantasy and racing. Use multiple tones and characters to ensure it's of professional quality, devoid of any background noise or distractions.

Network, Network, Network - Video Game 101

While talent is undeniably crucial, networking is equally significant. Connect with game developers, sound designers, and other voice actors. Attend conventions like E3 or PAX, and engage in forums or platforms related to gaming. Often, opportunities arise from a simple conversation or a chance meeting. Modern video games require more than just a good voice. Syncing your lines with character animations or understanding the basics of motion capture can give you an edge. Familiarize yourself with the technical aspects, so when a developer mentions "ADR" (Automated Dialogue Replacement) or "dubbing," you're not left in the dark.

Standing Out Amongst the Crowd

The journey might be riddled with rejection. Remember, even top actors like Troy Baker or Laura Bailey faced numerous rejections before making their mark. It's essential to keep your passion alive. Join voice acting groups, participate in fan-made game projects, or even offer your voice for indie games. These platforms might not bring instant fame but will surely enrich your experience and skills. Constructive criticism can be a ladder to your growth. Actively seek feedback, be it from mentors, peers, or even online communities. Understand the areas of improvement and work on them relentlessly. Lastly, in a world where fame is sought after, it's easy to compromise on ethics. Always maintain professionalism. Respect Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), be punctual and avoid negative remarks about projects or peers. Building a reputation as a reliable and professional voice actor will take you far.

Conctinue - Yes or No?

Standing out in video games as a voice actor is undoubtedly a challenge given the competitive landscape. However, with the right mix of talent, perseverance, networking, and professionalism, you can carve a niche for yourself. Remember, every iconic video game character, from Master Chief to Lara Croft, needed a voice behind them. With dedication and focus, yours could be the next voice that millions recognize and love. Dive deep, continue learning, and let your voice echo in the dynamic world of video games. Like with any good video game, when you feel beaten you have the option to continue, the question is, are you in this for the long haul or will you back out now?

Standing Out in Video Games by Alan Shires

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