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Techniques in Video Games

By Alan Shires. Published Aug 17, 2023.
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Video Games Demand Technique

The vibrant landscape of video games presents myriad opportunities for voice actors. To truly make a mark in this domain, a keen understanding of genre-specific nuances, combined with a universal set of voice acting skills, is imperative. As a seasoned employer in the gaming industry, I'm here to share insights that can help you refine your craft and stand out in a competitive environment. Techniques in video games vary from genre to genre and figuring out which skill is required where takes time and experience. When done correctly this can be a critical element of the process that separates the highest-performing voice actors from the rest of the flock.

Character Arcs Across Video Game Genres

Regardless of genre, every game offers characters with unique stories and arcs. Whether it's an RPG with a protagonist evolving from an inexperienced novice to a seasoned warrior, an adventure game where characters undergo a journey of discovery, or a strategy game demanding a commander's authoritative tone, understanding the depth of a character's narrative is crucial. Immerse yourself in their world, be it the suspenseful corridors of a horror game or the fast-paced battlegrounds of an FPS. Remember, in essence, you're not just voicing lines; you're breathing life into a character's journey, with all its ups and downs, twists and turns.

The Ultimate Video Game Technique

The gaming world thrives on emotion and information. A horror game thrives on tension and suspense, where whispers or hurried breaths can be as impactful as dialogues. In contrast, strategy and simulation games demand clarity and precise information dissemination, ensuring players can make informed decisions quickly. Then there are sports games, pulsating with energy and enthusiasm, reflecting the dynamism of real-world matches. As a voice actor, striking the right balance between emotion and information is a skill worth mastering, ensuring players remain engaged and informed.

Adapting to Video Game Dynamics

Video games often feature diverse dynamics, from contemplative moments in adventure games to adrenaline-pumping sequences in action genres. The voice should ebb and flow with these dynamics, mirroring the game's pacing. This adaptability ensures players remain immersed, with the voice acting serving as a seamless extension of the gameplay experience.

Given the ever-evolving nature of video games, voice actors must remain adaptable and committed to continuous learning. Regular participation in workshops, especially those focusing on video game voice acting, is invaluable. Moreover, experiencing a broad spectrum of games personally can offer insights into their auditory atmospheres and narratives, making the voice acting process more intuitive.

Video Game Techniques Complete

A constructive relationship with game developers can significantly enhance your performance. Understand the motivations behind each character, the intended player experience, and the broader narrative context. Moreover, be open to feedback. Regular iterations based on developer input can transform a good voice-over into a great one, ensuring alignment with the game's vision.

Voice acting for video games is an art that demands versatility, depth, and a profound understanding of diverse game genres. While each genre has its intricacies, some universal principles can help voice actors deliver memorable performances consistently. By deeply engaging with the essence of characters, balancing emotion with information, adapting to game dynamics, and emphasizing continuous learning and collaboration, voice actors can ensure they resonate with both developers and players. Embrace the multifaceted world of gaming, refine your craft, and let your voice be the one that captures imaginations and hearts alike.

Techniques in Video Games by Alan Shires

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