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The Adapting Voiceover Artist

By Alan Shires. Published May 15, 2023. Last Updated: May 24, 2023.
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Change is an inherent part of life that often elicits fear and resistance. It’s a universal saying that 'no one likes change'. A study suggests that most people choose to stay in an unfavorable situation unless the discomfort exceeds the fear of change. This concept applies to every aspect of life, including the voiceover industry. A successful voiceover artist will be an adapting voiceover artist and they will evolve with the changing scenarios.

Navigating the Adaptation of Running a Voiceover Business

In a year, we experience the changing rhythms of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each season lasts only a quarter of the year, and we all have our preferences. The life of a self-employed voiceover artist mirrors these seasonal changes. There are periods of abundant work, akin to our favorite season. However, there are also dry spells when work seems scarce, and these are the seasons we don't prefer.

Leveraging Your Voiceover Skills and Adapting During Changing Seasons

Like the natural resources we use to weather the different climates, voiceover artists have tools to cope with the fluctuating work environment. In winter, we use hats and gloves; in summer, sunglasses and sunscreen. What are our resources in the voiceover industry? Here are a few strategies:

First, delegate some tasks: Consider outsourcing some of your editing work to a freelancer on platforms like Fiverr. You might also hire a virtual assistant to help manage your time, handle inquiries, and schedule appointments.

Second, maintain a disciplined work schedule: Stick to your designated working hours. Be purposeful about your time management and ensure you attend to every session scheduled in your calendar.

Voiceover Artist Hustling Work

But what happens when work dwindles? Here are a few suggestions:

First, stay calm: Understand that quiet periods, especially around the holidays, are normal. Use this time to work on personal projects that you've been putting off, like that audio drama you've been meaning to finish.

Second, use this time productively: Don't procrastinate on administrative tasks. File your tax return early, catch up on invoicing, and boost your social media and online marketing efforts. This is an excellent opportunity to attract new clients and get busy again.

Adapting and Finding Beauty in All Seasons of Voiceover

Often, we view the changing seasons through a lens of negativity. However, for optimal productivity, it's essential to shift our perspective and appreciate the beauty each season offers. Yes, winter can be cold, but the sun glistening off the snow is a sight to behold. Similarly, the fall, with its explosion of colors, is nothing short of breathtaking.

The life of a self-employed voiceover artist is analogous to these seasons. During busy periods when money is flowing in, we might yearn for free time. However, the fact that we're earning is a blessing. And when work slows down, we should appreciate the opportunity to rest and catch up on personal projects.

Adapting to the fluctuating nature of voiceover work can be challenging. However, viewing these changes as natural, like the seasons, can help us understand and navigate them better. By embracing change and finding beauty in each 'season,' we can thrive as voiceover artists.


The Adapting Voiceover Artist by Alan Shires

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