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The Art of Animation Voiceover

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 29, 2023.
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Animations, a captivating form of artistic expression, has an uncanny way of unlocking a treasure trove of fond memories, from childhood favorites to the animated shows cherished by your children. The key to the magical allure of these animations is the skilled performance in voiceover, an aspect we'll explore in detail in this article. Many feel animation voiceover is one of the most enjoyable genres in the industry.

Intersecting Skills in Animation Voiceover

Animation is often grouped with other forms of expression like video games and anime, despite the distinct styles these genres embrace. But why this lumping together? It's because these genres demand an ability to plunge into an imaginative, sometimes surreal universe, a domain where the ordinary rules don't apply, especially in the realm of animation.

However, let's clear up any misconception; this doesn't always hold true, but it’s a frequent expectation in the animation world. This imaginative setting calls for dynamic characterization, thus, cultivating a set of transferable skills that cross genres. So, if you're drawn to a character as whimsical as a flying alien rabbit with super strength and an ambition to be the next superhero, you'll find your niche here. Alternatively, if commercial voiceovers appeal to you more, we have plenty of resources in that sphere.

Contrasting Animation with Other Genres

Video games often frame realistic scenarios within an improbable context, such as reenacting a war within a first-person shooter game. Although we acknowledge these historical events, experiencing them firsthand is alien to most of us. Yet, as voice actors, it's our job to bring these characters to life. The challenge lies in crafting characters for real-life situations or ludicrous, surreal contexts. Artists often gravitate towards one of these scenarios, shedding light on the significant divergence between video games and animation in terms of setting and circumstances.

Anime, conversely, revolves around the perennial clash between good and evil. Characters endure rigorous backstory development and confront adversity head-on, usually via a dramatic, heart-stirring approach. Unlike typical animation, characters in anime might exhibit extreme behaviors like screaming during power-ups, thus differentiating it from the rest.

Conclusion: The Essence of Animation Voiceover

Animating an extraordinarily surreal character is not only exciting but also mentally stimulating. Experiencing the harmonious blend of music, art, and narrative greatly enhances the character-creation process. Even if the character borders on the outlandishly improbable, the pivotal factor in animation is authenticity.

The term 'truthfulness' resonates across all performance genres, standing as a cornerstone of successful portrayal. Children, with their innate ability to sense inauthenticity, are a testament to this principle. Therefore, it's crucial to bring your character to life convincingly, transforming an imaginary character into a believable entity in the real world. This feat of imagination is, without a doubt, an incredibly rewarding gift to offer.

Animation and the Art of Voiceover by Alan Shires

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