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UGC and Voiceover

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 01, 2023.
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UGC, a widely known acronym among social media enthusiasts and marketing professionals, is gradually impacting the world of performing arts. With its ever-increasing mention in audition materials and briefs, it has become crucial for performers to understand what UGC is and how it intertwines with voiceover. This article provides an overview of UGC and voiceover along with the possibilities it brings to the realm of acting and presenting.

Decoding UGC

UGC, or 'User Generated Content', typically consists of short videos, popularly referred to as 'Reels.' Owing to the astounding popularity of video-centric platforms like TikTok, the production and consumption of video content have been revolutionized. This user-generated media ranges from awe-aspiring influencers creating content on their iPhone to multinational corporations developing regular content globally.

User-generated content is inclusive and diverse, spanning across different age groups and professional backgrounds. A crucial aspect of UGC is that it often involves choreographed events rather than unplanned, real-life incidents. When consuming a reel or a similar form of content, you're likely to be witnessing a reconstruction of real-world events, carefully crafted and developed particularly for audience engagement.

Voiceover: An Integral Part of UGC

While UGC is inherently video-based, it by no means excludes the importance of audio, specifically voiceover. Actors and presenters indeed enjoy a significant share of opportunities within the UGC realm, but voiceover artists are also in high demand. They frequently lend their voices to narrate, explain, or caption the videos, thus playing a key role in contributing to the viewer's experience.

This emergence of voiceover in UGC has created a unique performance genre that's experiencing a rapid surge in popularity. It's commonplace now for actors and presenters to record UGC videos, to which they later add voiceovers, expanding their portfolio and skill set. This is a great source of income for voice actors worldwide. 

Bridging the Gap between UGC and Voiceover

Voiceover artists often concur that performance stays consistent, irrespective of the environment or medium. Therefore, a voice actor is fundamentally an actor, a perspective that aligns perfectly with the UGC system. As actors and presenters find voiceover opportunities within UGC projects, the reverse also holds true.

Voiceover artists can explore acting and presenting roles that accompany a UGC project. This concept is exciting as it blurs the boundaries between different roles and allows artists to showcase their versatility. The skills honed behind the microphone can be effectively translated in front of the camera, and vice versa.

Finding Your Footing in UGC

Observing reels or videos that resonate with you, or those that seem choreographed, is a good starting point to delve into UGC. Identify the publisher to understand who's creating this content. With numerous companies globally investing in UGC, reaching out to them could present potential opportunities.

Social media platforms are the primary medium for UGC circulation. Thus, a substantial social following often signifies a successful content creator. Once you've identified a brand that aligns with your aspirations, visit their website to learn more about their work and vision. To understand the equipment required for UGC, you can refer to our comprehensive guide on the subject.

UGC and Voiceover by Alan Shires



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