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Understanding Retail Commercial Voiceover

By Alan Shires. Published Apr 04, 2024.
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As voice actors, we often explore various avenues to lend our voices too. But few areas are as well paid and chased-after as commercial work. The retail sector represents one part of the commercial genre which certainly encompasses high pay. This avenue requires a unique blend of vocal flare and emotional connectivity, turning a simple message into an irresistible, invigorating, and compelling call to action for consumers. Imagine the difference in your own life: how do you feel when you wear something new versus something old and tattered? Or when you wear your favorite garment as opposed to something you've grown bored of? These experiences are at the heart of what we aim to convey in retail commercial voiceover.

'Retail' in Commercial Voiceovers

Focusing on the retail genre, we navigate a specialized field that demands a balance between warm, organic, conversational tones and motivational, aspirational ones. We're not just pitching a product; we're selling an experience, an enhancement of the listener's lifestyle and self-perception. The consumer's emotional journey is what retail companies aim to influence with these commercials. The challenge for us, then, is how to deliver this nuanced message effectively. So much of what we wear is closely associated with what we feel and how we want to be perceived by others. That means associating an image, idea, or thought when promoting a retail product is critical for the voice actor.

The Artistry of Retail Voiceover Commercials

The essence of our work in retail voiceovers lies in creating genuine connections. This means adopting a tone that is trustworthy and engaging, imbued with warmth and relatability. We speak to the consumer's aspirations, making them feel understood and valued. This approach is crucial in testimonials and product narratives, where we illustrate the transformative impact of the product on the consumer's daily life and self-esteem. We excel in selling not just a product, but a feeling—an upgrade in status and self-image. This venture into the emotional realm presents the purchase as a pathway to becoming more attractive, respected, and indeed, royal. The motivational tone we adopt inspires a journey toward an enhanced personal narrative. I suppose, as humans, we are all telling stories at the crux of the matter, even if we are not intentionally trying to.

Retail Commercials, Boosting the Mood

Success in this field requires mastering vocal discipline to adhere to precise directions while maintaining the organic flow of conversation. The 'conversational read' is key, allowing us to fully embody the message as if sharing a personal insight or secret with the listener. This technique ensures the commercial is perceived as a genuine recommendation rather than a sales pitch, fostering a deeper connection with our target audience. From our experience, we impart knowledge that boosts the mood of the listener, associating the ownership of a product with comfort, happiness, and excitement.

Retail Commercials Wrapped Up

Our work in retail commercials has the power to transform perceptions, elevate statuses, and connect with consumers on a profound level. Transitioning from mere narration to creating an impactful, emotional experience requires not just vocal talent but a deep understanding of the nuances of retail and the art of conversation. For those of us looking to thrive in this space, developing these skills and insights is not just beneficial—it's essential. After all, we all want to look, feel and sound great!

Retail Commercial Voiceover by Alan Shires

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