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Leading Video Game Voice Actors

By Alan Shires. Published Jul 18, 2023.
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The art of voice acting in video games has dramatically evolved since the advent of the medium, and it is now recognized as an integral part of the gaming experience. Top-tier voice actors bring characters to life, evoking emotion, shaping personalities, and immersing players in fantastic worlds. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, several industry veterans stood out for their contributions to video game voice acting. In this article, we will share a comprehensive list of some of the leading video game voice actors in the industry along with their top tire credits. 

Leading Men in Video Games

Troy Baker - Arguably one of the most well-known voices in video gaming, Troy Baker has demonstrated incredible range and depth in his portrayals. With iconic roles such as Joel in "The Last of Us," Booker DeWitt in "Bioshock Infinite," and Sam Drake in "Uncharted 4," his performances have profoundly influenced the narrative scope of video games.

Nolan North - Nolan North's charismatic and distinctive voice is instantly recognizable to many gamers. He is most famous for his portrayal of Nathan Drake in the "Uncharted" series, a character full of charm, wit, and emotional complexity. North's other significant roles include Desmond Miles in the "Assassin's Creed" series and David in "The Last of Us."

Stephen Russell - Stephen Russell has also had a significant impact in the gaming industry with his character portrayals. He is best known for his roles as the cunning master thief Garrett in "Thief: The Dark Project" and as Nick Valentine, the synthetic private detective in "Fallout 4."

Leading Women in Video Games

Ashly Burch - Ashly Burch has lent her voice to some of the most beloved characters in recent gaming history. Notably, she played Aloy in "Horizon Zero Dawn," Chloe Price in "Life is Strange," and Tiny Tina in "Borderlands 2." Burch is known for her ability to convey a range of emotions, from sorrow to joy, bringing depth and authenticity to her characters.

Laura Bailey - Laura Bailey's talent is extensive and varied, providing voiceovers for many recognizable video game characters. She played Kait Diaz in "Gears 5," Fetch in "Infamous Second Son," and the controversial yet complex character Abby in "The Last of Us Part II," demonstrating her exceptional range.

Jennifer Hale - Jennifer Hale's voice is synonymous with the role of female Commander Shepard in the "Mass Effect" series. Her performance in this role set a new standard for female protagonists in video games. Hale has also lent her voice to several other significant characters, like Samus Aran in the "Metroid Prime" series.

A Round-Up of Video Game Voice Actors

These prominent figures represent just a fraction of the talent in video game voice acting. As the medium continues to grow and evolve, we can undoubtedly expect to see more brilliant performances from new and established artists alike.

Leading Video Game Voice Actors by Alan Shires

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