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Voice Actor - Casting Director Relationship

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 22, 2023.
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The task of casting voiceover is an arduous one, involving intricate relationships and numerous responsibilities. This article aims to explore the audition process and the voice actor - casting director relationship. However, before proceeding, it's crucial to underscore one important factor: the human element. As humans, we thrive on relationships. Although relationships differ from person to person, authenticity is a universal component of strong, successful interactions. Regardless of whom you encounter, sincerity is key to your success, fostering trust and connection. If you would like to lear more about the roles and day-to-day life of a casting director you can learn more in our previous article. 

Casting Directors Relationships

Regrettably, many voiceover artists often exhibit either an entitlement mentality or resort to aggressive pitching. The former involves artists acting under the delusion of being the industry's next big thing, believing they have an inherent right to work with their chosen casting director. However, such a mindset is not only unfounded but also detrimental. Casting directors are seldom lacking in talent choices, and an inflated sense of self-worth often translates into arrogance, repelling the very people you aim to impress. Befriending people of all lines of work is important be it the receptionist, a fellow voice actor, or a casting director. Genuine behaviors are a key ingredient to being successful. 

Similarly, the hard sell approach, akin to an insistent street salesman, door-to-door salesperson, or persistent telemarketer, can be irritating. The ideal strategy for voiceover artists is to cultivate authentic relationships with everyone in the industry, irrespective of their current roles. Discussions around non-industry topics like art, culture, and family can often form the basis for such connections. As the old adage goes, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

A Casting Directors Audition Process 

Securing a role isn't solely a talent game; one's demeanor plays a pivotal role in determining the project's success. Smooth collaboration and productive sessions require team players, which becomes a challenge in the absence of trust and mutual respect. Casting directors often face the daunting task of sifting through over a thousand auditions for a single role. Sometimes the finest details can be the decision-maker between a handful of exceptionally talented artists - all of whom are deserving of a role. 

The responsibility is enormous, considering the chosen voiceover artist will influence generations to come. The task demands delicacy, discernment, and resilience. If you're wondering why anyone would choose to be a casting director given these challenges, it signifies a realistic understanding of the job's demands. This challenging role deserves immense recognition, as it is not for the faint-hearted.

Casting Director Key Takeaways

So how can you catch the eye of a top casting director? The secret lies not in incessant pestering but in sincerity. Rather than striving for visibility, focus on building genuine relationships. While it's beneficial for the casting directors you wish to work with to know who you are, your representation plays a pivotal role too. Trustful relationships between agents and casting directors can work in your favor. If you're represented by an agent who's willing to advocate for you and propose your name, you're in a favorable position. However, if that's not your current reality, don't lose heart. Remember, success in this industry is a marathon, not a sprint.

Voice Actor - Casting Director Relationship by Alan Shires

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