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Great Voice Actors Websites

By Alan Shires. Published Dec 29, 2023.
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As a voice actor having a good website is not just a gimmick, it is a critical part of your business. Often your website is the first impression to a potential client and if it sticks, guess what? you can wave goodbye to that new work venture. This is a common occurrence with voice actor websites. Here is the thing though, a good website is not simply just made up of flashy images and well-produced demos, it must have been built properly. The last thing you want is a slow, broken, and glitchy website which makes navigation a nightmare. You need your potential clients to have a seamless experience whilst on your site, every page should blow their socks off! 

So, What Makes a Good Voice Actor Website?

You will have already guessed great demos so let’s put that down as a given. A great website needs so much more than that. You do not want to overcomplicate it with bags and bags of information on one page. While at the same time, you don't want to leave a page looking blank! It needs to be interesting to look at, this is the critical element. To entice someone to read you need to capture their attention. We are working in a visual and audible environment. Yes, voiceover is audible, but people use visuals to scout you so both the audio and visual elements need to be amazing. In other words, don't spend thousands on demos to put them on a website that doesn't work. All your marketing resources be it a blog, headshot or demo serve the purpose of taking your website to the next level.

Do Voice Actor Websites Need to Have a Degree Of SEO?

Optimization and SEO sound way too complex for a voice actor, right? Actually, this is not the case. Basic SEO starts with making sure the content you write is formatted in a particular way and this is something to start with you can do yourself with guidance. Don't guess this though! Reach out to our support team to start your SEO journey and make sure the content is regular and always above 500 words. Blogs and articles don't just pump your SEO rating though, it tells your potential clients that you mean business and are investing in the industry. Someone who is investing in the next generation of voice talent is someone who is at the top of their game. 

I Think My Website Needs an Update

Great spot! If there are things on your site you want to add, change, or develop it shows your thinking is in the right place. Voice actors constantly need to reinvent themselves, demonstrate their talent, and stay current with the latest trends. Not only that though, but websites over time can acquire bugs as plugins need updates and styles change. It is important to regularly ensure your website is well maintained and looked after. Think of it like a car, the oil and tires need changing from time to time. Having someone look over your website is a great idea and that way you can deal with some of those bugs. 

Voice Actor Website Wrapped

So, there you have it, a quick overview of why keeping your website looking amazing and functioning well is important. Your website needs to elevate your business and it just won’t do that if things are not running well. Here at Voiceactor.com we pride ourselves in ensuring our webpages are exceptionally well put together and our thousands of customers worldwide are a testament to that. So, if you are already with us and want to tweak your page, get stuck in, or give us a shout. If you are not with us yet and are concerned about your current site, we would love to help you - get in touch!



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