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Voiceover Agents and Voice Actors

By Alan Shires. Published Jul 10, 2023.
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Voiceover agents are critical catalysts within the voiceover industry. However, the misconception that an agent's presence equates to passive income is quite prevalent (Sadly). Quite the contrary, an effective voice actor must exert just as much effort as their agent in procuring job opportunities. This effort is displayed by maintaining up-to-date demos, presenting a professional headshot, and undertaking effective self-marketing. This industry's heart lies not only in talent but in equal parts professionalism and diligent work ethic, demonstrated with each audition and job execution.

The Symbiotic Relationship of Voiceover Agents and Artists

An agent can be best perceived as a business partner. They are the conduit that connects your talent to the customers in need of it. A challenging factor is the excessive choice that end clients possess, escalating the industry's competitiveness. Therefore, it is essential to have professionally produced demos. It is important to be flexible to an agent's requests for any adjustments. Similarly, a professional headshot can provide a glimpse into your personality to potential clients. In this business partnership, both parties must work hard, knowing full well that their efforts are mirrored by the other.

What Voiceover Agents Expect

Voiceover agents manage an extensive array of business relationships - from end clients to directors and, most notably, casting directors. Given that casting directors receive a multitude of auditions, they have little time for improperly labeled files or substandard audio. Such blunders reflect poorly on the agent and the agency, posing a problem. Thus, the agent requires you to thoroughly understand the brief and adhere to the instructions explicitly. Top-notch audio quality is the bare minimum expectation. Therefore, any issues with audio quality must be promptly rectified. Any negligence leading to a strained relationship between an agent and their client could potentially lead to the need for a new agent.

Voice Actors and Their Collaborative Efforts with Agents

Intermittent updates about your activities can be beneficial, sharing with your agent any new achievements, branding changes, website updates, or demo improvements. Asking your agent how you can assist them and make their work more manageable fosters a collaborative atmosphere. Perhaps, contributing a paragraph to their newsletter or a social media post could be a good initiative.

Maintaining Courtesy with Voiceover Agents

Like any successful business relationship, maintaining proper decorum with your agent is paramount. Sharing gratitude and welcoming constructive feedback can go a long way. Remember, your agent possesses insights into industry trends and can guide you accordingly. Though not obligatory, gestures such as sending a Christmas card or a birthday text can help nurture the relationship. Ultimately, it is a professional relationship where you represent them as much as they represent you. The golden rule to follow is to work as diligently for your agent as you hope they do for you. In essence, being a successful voiceover artist is as much about nurturing business relationships as it is about showcasing your talent.

Voiceover Agents and Voice Actors by Alan Shires

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