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The SAG-AFTRA Voiceover AI Deal

By Alan Shires. Published Jan 16, 2024. Last Updated: Jan 18, 2024.
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The recent agreement between SAG-AFTRA and Replica Studios marks a significant development in the use of AI in voiceover work, particularly within the video game industry. This deal, which has stirred both interest and controversy, reflects the growing intersection of technology and creative industries. Do you have concerns about the voiceover AI deal? Are you excited? Are you remaining passive to see how things unravel? Whatever your thoughts at this point, we will uncover all of this and more within this article.

Nature of the Deal: "Voiceover AI Deal"

The agreement has two main components: a development contract and a licensing contract. The development contract governs the recording and creation of an AI voice, termed a "digital replica," while the licensing contract covers the use of these digital replicas in game development.

One key aspect of the deal is compensation for voice actors. Actors are paid a standard union fee for the initial recording session to create a digital replica. If they allow the continued use of the replica beyond a certain timeframe, additional compensation is provided. This arrangement also extends to deceased performers, where agreements can be made with their estates.

Furthermore, actors can license their digital replicas for use in games. The payment is calculated based on dialogue or word count, including various sounds like monster noises. There are also provisions for pre-production use of AI voices, such as placeholder dialogue, with additional compensation if this dialogue is used in the final game release.

Challenges and Controversies

The agreement has not been without its challenges and controversies. Initially, there was a significant outcry from voice actors and others in the industry, with claims of being blindsided by the agreement. This led to SAG-AFTRA releasing more detailed information and the full text of the contract to address concerns.

One of the main concerns among members is the diverse viewpoints on AI's role in the industry. While some see it as an exciting opportunity, others are wary or outright opposed to its use, fearing it could undermine traditional voice acting roles.

Benefits and Industry Impact

Despite the challenges, the deal represents a significant step in embracing emerging technologies in the entertainment industry. By establishing clear guidelines and ethical practices for AI use in voiceover work, the agreement aims to ensure fair compensation and rights protection for actors while also leveraging the advantages of AI technology.

The deal sets a precedent for how AI can be integrated into the creative process, potentially leading to more innovation and new opportunities within the industry. It also highlights the importance of adapting union agreements and industry standards to keep pace with technological advancements.

The SAG-AFTRA AI Voiceover Deal Wrapped Up

In summary, the "Voiceover AI Deal" between SAG-AFTRA and Replica Studios is a groundbreaking move that encapsulates the opportunities and challenges of integrating AI into creative industries. It signifies a crucial step in addressing the ethical, practical, and compensation-related aspects of AI in voiceover work, particularly in the evolving landscape of video game development.


The SAG-AFTRA AI Voiceover Deal by Alan Shires

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