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Voiceover and Podcasting

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 21, 2023.
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Voiceover and podcasting, though similar in many respects, are fundamentally different industries. They share various commonalities, especially technical ones, which we will unpack in detail. However, we can't ignore the distinct differences that set them apart. Moreover, for voiceover artists, the rapid growth in podcasting offers an exciting avenue to find work.

Shared Aspects of Voiceover and Podcasting

The primary commonality is that both fields are audio-centric, demanding the usage of a microphone. Skills honed in one area often translate smoothly to the other. A prime example is mastering the microphone technique. Maintaining audio quality is pivotal. In both domains, one should avoid clipping, heavy breaths, audible lip flaps, and plosives. Thus, significant parallels exist in the skills and equipment necessary for both voiceover and podcasting.

Contrasting Podcasting and Voiceover

Podcasting, for a considerable period, didn't prioritize audio quality. Podcasts often included impromptu recordings with abundant ambient noise that created an informal ambiance. However, today's podcasting world has evolved drastically, with an emphasis on high-quality production. The standards of podcast editing differ too, for instance, a polished podcast audio generally measures at -16LUFS. Despite the shift towards better production values, the core essence of podcasting — the conversational tone — remains the same. Today's challenge lies in maintaining this casual feel through carefully crafted delivery techniques.

What about Job Opportunities for Voiceover Artists?

As podcasts typically feature an intro and outro — and potentially ads if sponsored — voiceover artists are finding more opportunities in this arena. They often land jobs voicing these segments. However, coupling music with voiceovers can be tricky during the editing phase. The aim is to capture the show's vibe without creating a stark disparity between the ad's quality and the podcast's overall production value. Over-editing one while neglecting the other can lead to an uneven listener experience.

A Brief on Voiceover and Podcasting

Voiceover and podcasting are related yet distinct industries. They share various aspects — such as equipment usage and microphone techniques — and have a few key differences, particularly in their stylistic approaches. For voiceover artists, podcasting's increased popularity presents an opportunity to expand their work prospects. Given the increasing content and popularity of podcasts, now might be an ideal time for a voiceover artist to explore this medium. Have you ever thought of creating a podcast?

The subject matter of a podcast can cover any topic. The key is to ensure the topic is interesting and that your audience is targeted well. The building industry probably does not care about the latest Toyota on the streets. On the same coin, Toyota probably does not care much about the latest architectural breakthrough. Finding your audience is tricky but putting out content on a subject matter you are passionate about is a good place to start. As time goes on paid advertisement, sponsors, and collaborations are other good means of making money. 

Voiceover and Podcasting by Alan Shires

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