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Voiceover and the Day Job

By Alan Shires. Published May 24, 2023.
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Managing your career in voiceover and the day job at the same time can be very challenging. If you're pursuing voiceover with the ambition of doing it full-time while maintaining a day job to pay the bills I am sure you will recognize how hard it is. Balancing these dual roles can be a daunting venture. However, this article offers practical steps and insights for handling both responsibilities and ultimately transitioning towards a full-time voiceover career if that is your goal.

The Challenge of Juggling Two Roles

It is common to feel overstretched, being mentally and physically drained by a day job while simultaneously being drawn towards voiceover auditions. It's crucial to remember that such feelings are natural. Achieving success in the voiceover industry typically takes time, patience, and persistence. Sadly these things do not happen overnight so it is important to stick it out.

Strategies for Balancing Voiceover and the Day Job

When it comes to managing a day job and a voiceover career, a clearly defined goal and intentional efforts are paramount. If voiceover work remains a secondary concern, its growth potential is severely limited. However, if voiceover is your dream, you must eventually transition away from your day job. This focus is essential to ensure that voiceover work can independently support you financially.

While it may seem impossible to find spare time, remember that nobody works round-the-clock. The average adult has about five hours a day outside of sleep and work. These hours can be utilized for your voiceover pursuits. The key is to not overdo it, remember to rest, it is essential.

Optimizing Time for Voiceover

Balancing family obligations, chores, and other responsibilities can be tricky, but setting aside even a half-hour slot each day for voiceover auditions and opportunities can significantly impact your career. These efforts are essential for your business growth.

If you're uncertain about where to start, you might consider researching voiceover marketing, financial tips, studio requirements, and other relevant topics. Consistency is key: staying committed over the long haul, rather than losing motivation after a brief period, is critical.

Transitioning from a Day Job to Full-time Voiceover

Deciding the right time to transition entirely to voiceover work can be complicated. Concerns about meeting financial obligations and leaving a familiar job setting are common. However, there is rarely an ideal moment to make this leap.

It's important to address all practical matters before leaving your day job, but understand that voiceover work is unlikely to fully support you initially. Yet, there is comfort in knowing that devoting more time to your voiceover career can increase your earning potential. Remember that taking this step carries some degree of risk, which will vary from person to person. Stay committed, be patient, and persist in your efforts to make this transition a successful one.

Voiceover and the Day Job by Alan Shires

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