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Voiceover Priorities

By Alan Shires. Published May 19, 2023. Last Updated: May 24, 2023.
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Understanding Voiceover Priorities: A Fresh Perspective

The common saying, 'Get your priorities straight,' may sometimes seem forceful, depending on the context. Nevertheless, the core principle it emphasizes is essential in almost all walks of life. In this article, we explore the concept of voiceover priorities, delving into their nature and significance.

First Priority: Ensuring Financial Stability

A high-ranking priority for voice actors is the critical need to cover their expenses. Without a consistent source of income, necessities like food and electricity may be in short supply, ultimately obstructing their ability to work. The logical inference here is the essentiality of bill payment. But does that justify accepting low-paid jobs? The answer is no, for this reason: dedicating time to underpaid work deprives voice actors of opportunities to find superior, higher-paying clients.

Understanding Industry-specific Rates

The self-employment avenue grants considerable flexibility regarding rate determination. However, staying updated on prevailing industry rates remains crucial. Various online platforms offer this information. It's not expected for a voiceover artist to memorize all rates, considering the industry's vast and complex rate structure across different voiceover genres. There are several rate guides available via a simple search engine search. 

The Importance of Accurate Paperwork

For voice actors engaged in regular client projects, establishing and agreeing upon terms and conditions is vital. Most often, they are presented with agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Reviewing these documents and seeking an agent's guidance is critical for an artist's success. Another key aspect of paperwork is invoicing. Proper invoicing and its effective management is necessary, especially considering the prevalent issue of delayed payments in self-employment.

Never Neglect Marketing: A Key Voiceover Priority

Periods of work shortage may occur, and these are not moments to rest. Rather, it's a call to work even harder to sustain income flow. A voice actor may be exceptionally talented, but without visibility, their skills remain unmonetized. It's therefore important to educate oneself about voiceover marketing and to invest in it. During the quiet moments, this is a great opportunity to reinvest in one's self.

Defining Your Personal Voiceover Priorities

While the above priorities offer a starting point, there are additional aspects to ponder. Future discussions could explore the optimal time allocation for training, marketing, and studio time. The question of how much leeway a voice artist should show in rate negotiation is also worthy of attention. One thing remains certain: self-employment is not a path for the faint-hearted. It demands dedication, resilience, and determination in the competitive landscape of the voiceover industry.

Wrapping Up Voiceover Priorities

Navigating the world of voiceover acting isn't just about possessing an appealing voice or mastering the art of vocal modulation. It's about understanding and setting your professional priorities in an organized and strategic manner. Covering your financial needs, understanding industry rates, ensuring accuracy in paperwork, and investing in marketing are the pillars that define your professional success. Investment for training and rate negotiation tactics, create a comprehensive roadmap for your career. And while the road to self-employment in the voiceover industry can be challenging, it is also rich with opportunities for those who are dedicated, resilient, and determined. Remember, establishing and adhering to your voiceover priorities isn't an option; it's a necessity for thriving in this competitive field. The voiceover industry is vast and varied, and your unique approach and understanding of these priorities can be your key to standing out and making your mark.


Voiceover Priorities by Alan Shires

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