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Voiceover Script Breakdown

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 08, 2023. Last Updated: Jun 16, 2023.
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A voiceover script breakdown is an invaluable tool for performers to have. It provides insight into the characters' qualities, emotional states, ideologies, and more, offering crucial guidance for performance decisions. But what happens when such a detailed direction is not available? This article delves into the details surrounding the script breakdown and how to decipher the secrets embedded in the text.

Decoding Scripts and Unearthing Hidden Insights

Consider a scenario where a character responds to a question with curt answers. There could be several reasons for this behavior, each leading to a distinct and unique character portrayal. The character might be annoyed with the inquirer, rushing due to time constraints, or perhaps concealing some form of hidden truth. Each of these motivations drives entirely different character intentions and responses. Generally, the text preceding or following a scene provides context. However, in its absence, a performer must make an interpretative choice. Using one's imagination and really becoming creative is a pinnacle quality in this instance. The flexibility of voiceover allows for multiple takes, permitting the exploration of different character interpretations. The challenge lies in ensuring that these additional takes truly diverge from each other, as there's often a tendency for multiple takes in voiceover to sound too alike.

Unraveling the Details of a Voiceover Script

Voiceover scripts vary, depending on the context. Audition scripts typically range from a line to a page, making a script breakdown an essential process in these situations. Once you've secured the job, it's safe to assume a comprehensive understanding of the character has been obtained. Here are some practical tips for dissecting a voiceover script:

  • Pay meticulous attention to spelling and grammar. They often provide subtle direction cues regarding performance.
  • Scrutinize the character's language usage. What does their vernacular or slang reveal about their age, status, or societal role?
  • Consider who the character is interacting with. This will offer insight into their social context.
  • Reflect on how you would respond if in your character's shoes. This approach helps to incorporate personal emotional understanding into the performance.

Continuous Learning in Voiceover Script Breakdown

The process of breaking down scripts is more complex than it appears on the surface. There is a wealth of knowledge to glean on. Annotation techniques are something else worth exploring as a best practice to perfect your performance. Different professionals employ different methods of breaking down scripts; some prefer line-by-line analysis, while others opt for paragraph-based approaches. There's also a certain level of flexibility in manipulating grammatical elements. A comma, for instance, could represent a pause in one situation, be ignored in another, or serve as a transition point to alter the tone in a third context. Each artist develops their own unique approach to script breakdown, and that's perfectly fine as long as the final performance outcome is phenomenal. Most importantly, you need to be happy with your process and the work you produce at the end of it.

Voiceover Script Breakdown by Alan Shires

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