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A Full VO Overview - Where to Find Voiceover Work

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 26, 2023.
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Welcome to the second installment of our five-part series, where we delve into the realm of voiceover work, training, and achieving success. If you missed the first part, feel free to take a look before proceeding with this one. We're continuing our journey to discover the opportunities in the voiceover industry and identifying where to find voiceover work.

Retaining Past Voiceover Clients

For newcomers, this advice may seem premature, but consider it a valuable strategy for future endeavors. Establishing a client base is a crucial step towards a steady influx of work. Once you finish a job with a client, strive to transform that business contact into a relationship. It's essential to maintain regular contact with past clients, helping you remain fresh in their minds. Even if they don't have a project for you immediately, they will remember your professionalism when something does come up.

Understanding Pay-to-Play Voiceover Work

The concept of pay-to-play voiceover sites evokes mixed emotions. Some despise it, others thrive on it, earning significant amounts of income. The choice of using these platforms is entirely up to you. Understand the distinction between pay-to-play and casting sites; the former charges for access to their services while the latter usually deducts a commission from your earnings. Be aware, however, that some of these sites might offer jobs below industry standard rates, hence the controversy. We provide extensive information about both casting and pay-to-play sites in alternative blogs.

Exploring Other Non-Voiceover Work Opportunities

Many voiceover artists forget to capitalize on their diverse skills as independent creatives. Think about leveraging talents such as scriptwriting or social media management for organizations. This approach not only opens doors to bigger firms but also helps sustain your income. If you have unique qualifications or skills perhaps consider teaching. Your work background could even provide an edge in certain roles of a highly specific nature. A great example of this would be the role of a barista should you have experience with coffee art.

Networking in the Voiceover Industry

Building relationships within your industry is critical. Referrals can be a potent catalyst for career progression. For instance, if you're a bilingual African woman proficient in Spanish, when a role requiring your specific skills emerges, you'll likely be considered. Foster trust within your peer groups and share job opportunities. A supportive community can significantly contribute to your success.

Optimizing Your Voiceover Mailing List

Your marketing list, containing all past clients, connections, and casting contacts, is an indispensable tool. Consistently checking in with your contacts helps maintain your presence in their minds. Applaud their accomplishments, acknowledge their contributions, and thank them for their collaboration. A simple P.S. (postscript) in your messages can work wonders for engagement.

Maximizing Your Voiceover Website

Your website serves as a comprehensive digital portfolio, and it's an excellent tool for directing clients. It should be visible on your business cards and email signatures, with consistent branding and content. Regularly updating and optimizing your website to avoid glitches will serve you well. SEO is a worthwhile investment that's not as daunting as it seems. Writing a few blog posts can kickstart your journey in SEO, offering potential returns based on your investment.

We're here to help if you need a consultation on your website. Don't have one yet? We can help you set one up in minutes. We hope this guide helps you navigate the world of voiceover work. Stay tuned for the third part of this series, where we'll delve into training aspects.

A Full VO Overview - Where to Find Voiceover Work by Alan Shires

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