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A Full VO Overview - The Voiceover Coach

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 26, 2023. Last Updated: Jun 27, 2023.
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Welcome to part three of our quintuple series exploring voiceover work, training, and attaining success in the field. We have covered the aspects of finding work in the first two parts, which you should read if you haven't yet. In this installment, we delve into the critical decisions of where to train and who should your voiceover coach be.

The Importance of Voiceover Training

Voiceover training is a cornerstone of any voice actor's career. Regardless of your proficiency level, the broad range of genres in the voiceover world necessitates continuous learning and upskilling. Think of your talent as a muscle; exercising it strengthens and hones your craft. Doing this regularly, experimenting with different styles, and being dedicated to the task at hand are the key ingredients to proficiently do this. 

Selecting the Right Coach

Choosing who to train with depends largely on your skill level and personal objectives. For instance, if you aim to record audiobooks, then you should seek out leading professionals in that genre. Emulating successful individuals in your desired field can set you on a promising path. Gleaning wisdom from those who have already journeyed on the path you aspire to tread is a great development strategy. However, be wary of coaches who leverage their limited experience for income. Assess a prospective coach's work and consult with them before committing. Three or four credits in a particular field is not enough experience to take on the responsibility of a coach.

Red Flags to Avoid in Voiceover Coaches

Limited experience in the field they're teaching.
Exorbitant fees compared to industry standards.
Absence of client testimonials.
Subpar website, indicates a lack of investment in their professional image.

Characteristics of a Good Voiceover Coach

Positive referrals and testimonials.
Regular, value-rich social media content.
Beneficial information from their mailing list.
Professionally designed, informative website.
Competitive rates offering good value for the time.
Extensive experience in their teaching field.

Investing In a Voiceover Coach

Investing your hard-earned money into training should be done with care. Despite the numerous expenses in this industry, effective training under a competent coach offers invaluable returns. Your financial investment gets the focus of your mind but you should also respect the value of your time. Training requires a time commitment, which can be at the expense of work or relaxation. Ensuring that your training is worth the sacrifice you are going to make is crucial.

Stay tuned for the next part of our series, where we explore when and how to train for voiceover work.

A Full VO Overview - The Voiceover Coach by Alan Shires

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