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A Full VO Overview - Voiceover Training

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 27, 2023.
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Perfecting your voiceover skills requires a perfect combination of time, financial resources, and a commitment to self-improvement. Within this 5 part series, we've previously discussed 'where' to seek training in part three. In this edition, we'll explore the timing required for voiceover training.

The Timing for Voiceover Training

Training timing varies, largely depending on your goals. Do you aim to sharpen your existing skills and stay updated on current trends? Are you new to the voiceover field, or are you eyeing a fresh genre? This article addresses these scenarios in the order listed. Timing is everything. If you are not ready and pursue this underprepared then you may spend money poorly and waste a lot of time.

1. Sharpening a Voiceover Skill

The voiceover industry is a dynamic sphere, evolving continuously. Styles and elements are always changing. For instance, authenticity has been a recurring theme in commercials. The portrayal must exude a sense of truth, bringing about words like 'conversational' and 'authentic.' How to achieve this differs, but the end goal remains to create a genuine performance. Consider inflections; the same sentence can convey entirely different messages with upward or downward inflections. As artists, you must regularly train to stay current with these changes and ensure your skills align with current demands. Being able to adapt will also serve you well.

2. Starting in the Industry? Training is Crucial

For voiceover novices, countless organizations are ready to offer training—for a fee. Choosing the right fit depends on the balance between their services and your objectives. Whether you seek a comprehensive 9-month course or a brief 3-hour session, the options are numerous. Time and resources invested often correlate to the outcome, but make sure to review part three of this series before settling on a coach. Misinformation can harm your career progression. So, it's crucial to start right to foster long-term success.

3. Venturing into New Voiceover Territory

Experienced voiceover artists looking to branch into new genres should apply a blend of the techniques detailed in the first two points. Select a seasoned professional in the desired field, carefully evaluating their expertise and work quality. Your growth pace in a new genre will align with your invested time and resources. The more you put in, the more you get out. Although you may have transferable skills from your current genre of expertise, the specific need of developing for a new genre may necessitate additional coaching.

Wrapping Up - Voiceover Training

That's a wrap on our exploration of voiceover training, covering both the work and training aspects. This series' concluding part will delve into the allure of fame in the voiceover industry. Don't forget to check out our 5th and final part of this series. 

A Full VO Overview - The Voiceover Coach by Alan Shires

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