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A Full VO Overview - Fame in Voiceover

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 27, 2023.
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Welcome to the concluding segment of our comprehensive five-part series on the full overview of the voiceover artistry. We've journeyed through aspects like finding work, training, coaching, and many others. If you have not explored our previous articles you should consider reading part four before proceeding any further. This final installment delves into the intriguing sphere of fame in voiceover.

The Essence of Fame

Fame, much like success, is an extremely subjective concept. For some, success means financial independence; for others, it's the ability to support their families comfortably. In the entertainment world, fame often serves as a significant icon who is known by many for both the right and the wrong reasons. But, what does fame truly entail? Notable figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Luis Carol achieved fame in their respective fields and left enduring legacies. Their fame persists even after their passing, indicating that fame is a continuous spectrum, subject to time and impact opposed to a simple short-term bout of being in the public eye.

Genre-Specific Voiceover Fame

My childhood fascination with anime led to an enduring love for the genre. Voice actors in video games, animations, and anime often experience a unique form of fame. Should they voice a character that garners substantial popularity, fans will go to great lengths to meet them. These voice actors often feature in conventions where they will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans. Intriguingly, they can earn more from such appearances than from their actual voiceover work. This model benefits both fans, who get to meet their idols, and performers, who enjoy steady income between projects.

Conventional Fame

While many fans might seek out their favorite voice actors, they may not always recognize them physically. On-screen actors enjoy a wider fame spectrum, primarily due to visual recognition. This fame, however, often comes at a significant price. Interruptions during personal outings or even invasions of privacy at home can be challenging aspects of fame. The ever-watchful media eye can make maintaining a private family life difficult. Thus, fame is not without its drawbacks.

Legacy and Fame

Arguably, one of the most rewarding aspects of fame is knowing that you've left a positive imprint on the world. The aspiration to leave the world a bit better than you found it is a laudable measure of success. So, ask yourself: What type of fame are you seeking? Is it worth considering before auditioning for that next big video game role?

Fame in Voiceover: A Final Thought

This article concludes our five-part series, where we explored working, finding work, training, coaching, and the concept of fame in the voiceover industry. The hyperlinks embedded throughout the series provide further resources to nurture your growth and development in the voiceover field.

A Complete Voiceover Overview Part 5 – Fame in Voiceover by Alan Shires

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