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A Voice Actor Holiday

By Alan Shires. Published May 19, 2023. Last Updated: May 24, 2023.
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A voice actor holiday break sounds good, right? Well, while the holiday season is often associated with relaxation and family time, it is also a period of uncertainty for those whose work doesn't adhere to the standard 9-5 routine. Among these professionals are voice actors, who might find themselves in a unique work situation during this period. The answer to whether they work during the holidays isn't black and white—it really depends on personal preference and specific circumstances.

The Quandary of the Post-Christmas Work Week

The period from Boxing Day (December 26th) to New Year’s Eve (December 31st) is often perceived as a nebulous time for many in the West. These days can feel adrift, especially when they fall on weekdays. Organizations worldwide typically go on hiatus during these four days, as they're sandwiched between two major holidays.

However, for voice actors, the decision to work or not during this period can be more nuanced. Since their workload often depends on the demand for their services, they might choose to work when opportunities arise. Each actor's choice is therefore guided by their individual preferences and needs.

Balancing Work and Leisure during the Holidays

Tip 1: Voice Actors' Discretion in Setting Holiday Work Hours

The way people approach the holidays varies greatly. For some, it's a time to fully disconnect from work, while others may prefer a balanced approach. Voice actors have the flexibility to tailor their work schedules to meet both their personal needs and their professional commitments. Being proactive in communicating their availability to clients is essential to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Tip 2: Seizing Opportunities during the Holiday Season

While many are preoccupied with holiday celebrations, voice actors might find the holiday period an opportune time to secure last-minute gigs. The four 'limbo' days following Christmas offer a chance to get some extra work in. Some actors might even opt to work on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Though this is largely a matter of personal choice, these days may not be the most productive.

Tip 3: Plan Ahead and Stay Organized

Staying organized during the holidays is crucial. A well-prepared task list can increase productivity and help prioritize your workload. Use this quieter period to catch up on lingering tasks. With fewer distractions, the last two weeks of December can be a productive time for those who choose to work.

Tip 4: Remember to Prioritize Self-Care and Loved Ones

Amid all the work-related decisions, it's vital not to overlook self-care and family time. Holidays offer a chance to recharge and enjoy the company of loved ones. While maintaining a work-life balance is essential, taking time off for rest and family is just as important.

Voice Actors and the Holiday Conundrum

While voice actors may need to work during the holidays, it's essential to balance this with the need for rest and enjoyment. There are pros and cons to working during this season, and individuals must make decisions based on their priorities and needs. Learning about effective business priorities in the voiceover industry can provide further insights into managing work during the holiday season.


A Voice Actor Holiday by Alan Shires

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